Monday, October 3, 2011

Water Boy

Mitt Romney is nothing if not inconsistent. He's even flip-flopping on flip-flopping, having first denied he's changed positions, and then, of late, saying (rightly, I might add) that when facts change, opinions must change, too.

On that concept -- being open to new information and adjusting one's views accordingly -- we most certainly agree. But here's my question for the man whose shape, like water, depends entirely on the container in which he finds himself at any given moment:

What new facts, Mr Romney, convinced you to change your mind about gay marriage? What recent information caused you to run away from agreement that man has a significant role in climate change? Facts, please. Not the perceived need to pander to teabaggers, okay?

And the even more important question: will anyone in the media, might any moderator of a debate, ask him to specify the process?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Romney fan either,
hasn't anything to do with his Mormanism, O-romneycare, or lack of balls.
It's his Hair, and yes I'm jealous cause I started going bald in first year Med School..
Seriously, I heard these 2 chicks behind me laughing about some dudes bald spot, when I realized it was ME.
So I did the only thing I could, spread vicious rumors about those 2 B-words, I-for-an-I, I say.
But back to Mr. Mondale-Hair...
Sure he flip flops, he's a politician, just like the Peas-Eater-in-Chief,
I mean unless he's closed Gitmo-Canceled the Bush(I mean "Obama")Tax Cuts)/and ended the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan over the last 12 hrs...
and umm since the "Bush" tax cuts expired 10 months ago, shouldn't they be called the "Obama" tax cuts?

Frank "Herb Cain in O-12" Drackman

SeaSpray said...

I just can't get into him. Not anyone on rep side. But I sure don't want the status quo in Washington now.

I really do like gov Christie. met him and worked on his campaign. teacher friends loathe him.

I think he would've been strong on the campaign trail. I'd be concerned about his international politics only because he doesn't have experience in that arena and not sure where he'd stand. Impressive as a prosecutor. Obviously strong, decisive and no nonsense... seemingly fearless. But a moot point. And I would still have had to learn more about him.

I definitely don't feel it for Romney.

I am watching Cain with interest, although political experience lacking.

Just so much bad news everywhere depressing. I have to believe it will all turn around ...valley to mountaintop again.

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