Monday, November 7, 2011

The Devil Made Me Do It

This is perfect. It tells you everything you need to know about Republicans as we currently see them, and the religiosity which motivates their thinking (if that word, with "Republican," doesn't constitute an oxymoron.)

After the suicide of a gay student who'd been harassed mercilessly, Democrats in the Michigan legislature wanted a bill addressing bullying in schools. Republicans (who are these people?) didn't. But they finally agreed, as long as the bill contained an out for bigoted haters. Their base, in other words.

In short, Michigan Republicans demanded that bullying be allowed as long as it comes from the bullier's religious beliefs. Want to harass and bully and beat up gays? Not a problem as long as it's your Christianity talking. (Need I point out: these are the same ilk who like to warn us about Sharia law taking over our country.)

If the above isn't enough, consider the upcoming vote in Ohio regarding removing collective bargaining rights for teachers and other government employees. A Republican representative was asked, if teachers needed to take a pay cut, how about legislators. The answer, of course, was no:

In a recent interview, a top Ohio Republican defended this in a curiously belligerent way, one that may reverberate in the race’s final days: He claimed lawmakers don’t need to take a pay cut in the spirit of shared sacrifice, because “I earn my pay,” adding: “Republicans earn their money.”
How many times must it be said: these are awful people.

This is the party that wants to run our country, and might well be poised to do so.


Kellie said...

I sit everyday and read what many of the Republicans say and wonder how the hell do they convince the poor and the lower middle class that it is in their interest to vote Republican? Often it is clearly not in their interests.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Sid,
your tellin me with Your Type-A(for "Hole") Surgeon Personality you never bullied anyone?
ANYONE?!?!?!? Bueller?? Bueller??*
Oh sorry, that was before your time...1986.
and "Bullying" is defined so nebulously that my Age-ist ribbing of you could put me liable for criminal prosecution...
I remember 3rd or 4th grade, this kid Greg made fun of my Science Project, cause I'd forgotten about it, and tried to make some pine straw look like a bird's nest, instead of his well-done Carbon Cycle complete with slide projector presentation...
So I did my own Science Experiement,
"Results of Kicking Pompous Jerks in the Nads"
and I got an "A"
not the grade, the sound Greg made when I racked him,
and the results were I got suspended for a week, which didn't matter, cause we were movin anyway, there are some benefits to bein a military brat...


Anonymous said...

Just curious,
since Washington State has this progressive Anti-Bullying law...............
How many bullys have been prosecuted, convicted, and are serving hard time for "Bullying"????
I'm guessing its a whole number integer < than # of A-rab bullys incarcerated at Git-Mo...


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