Friday, November 4, 2011

See The Problem

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According to the article whence came the above, the D plan cuts over a trillion dollars more than the R plan from the deficit (4.12T vs 3.06T). For those who haven't clicked to enlarge, care to guess what the bars on the left represent?

And as long as we're looking at graphics, check out this one, about competing jobs plans. Then tell us where it's wrong, in pointing out that Obama's actually is one, and the Rs is nothing of the sort. Assuming you're sitting down, I'll pass along the surprising info that Senate Rs killed what I'd consider the most important part of Obama's bill: infrastructure. Country last. (Senatorial dysfunction alert: it failed with 51 votes.)

You'd think the next election would be a walkover for Democrats. Rs have done nothing but obstruct, making it clear they have no intention of letting the economy improve before that election; and what few plans they've produced are demonstrably regressive and damaging, especially to those most likely to vote for them, ie teabaggers. I find it incomprehensible. And (for now anyway) their frontrunner is a guy who proudly knows nothing about economics or foreign policy, an instinctive dissembler. A motivational speaker -- meaning a guy who's made millions selling snake oil.

Only in America. Sadly.

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