Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Is What You Get

Want to see what happens when people (in this case, the Koch brothers) select a candidate for his likelihood to do their bidding, who's otherwise entirely clueless, and into whose head they try to cram enough information to allow him to hide his cluelessness in order to fool the public (successfully so far, it would appear) into voting for him? Watch the video and weep for our country. It's a stunning spouting (after he painfully, embarrassingly, searches through his overloaded memory banks for his coachery) of half-learned talking points, about which he clearly knows not a damn thing. Pretty appalling.

Unlike Sarah Palin, it appears Mr Cain at least made a half-hearted to learn something. Not that it made any difference: ultimately he doesn't seem to care that he's bullshitting. But let's be of good cheer: looks like Newt the execrable is next into the breach as the transitory not-Mitt. So maybe I should be like this guy, invoking the mercy rule for poor Herman.


Anonymous said...

OK Sid, maybe Herb doesnt have the Foreign Policy Cohones of Henry Kissinger, but do you seriously think Joe Biden is much better...
Cause all its gonna take is a common smoking-related Small Cell Lung Cancer/MI to put Old Joe in the White House, when we'll then be just a 20+ yr old aneurysm clip away from a JOHN BOENNER PRESIDENCY!!!!!!
like a certain Hah-vud ed-ja-ma-cated lawyer...
I know he said he quit, thats what I said for the last 40 Pack-years too.. And I only quit cause my Wife cut me down to once/month..
hey I'm lucky, 2 other guys she cut out completely!
Trust me, smokers can tell, its instinctive, if Barak Hussein Osama's not smoking, my names not Frank Hussein Drackman...


Kari. said...

yeah. that is just pitiful. and sad. and you're right -- he didn't care at all that he was just bsing away. I was just dumbfounded when I saw this clip.

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