Monday, November 14, 2011

Tortured Minds

It's as if Republicans wait for something to be disproved, and then line up like pre-teen girls at a Bieber concert to support it. Really, it's the most amazing thing: there's nothing they say that hasn't been fully debunked at some point or another. Being wrong seems central to their policies on everything. Tax cuts, regulation. Climate change, creationism. If it's been shown false, they grab at it like David Vitter in a diaper store. If it's true, they drop it like a hundred-million year old rock. Or lie about it.

In the (shudder) foreign policy debate, a series of factual eggs were laid. That, of course, is nothing new. But then, nearly to a man (and, it goes without saying, a woman) the R candidates lined up in support of torture. Bring it back, they demand. We loves us some waterboarding.

Never mind that since Obama ended it, we've intercepted more plots, found and blown up (like it or not) more terrorists than Bush in his most fevered dream. Never mind that the purpose of torture has always been -- and, used by tyrants, remains -- the wringing of false confessions from broken captives. Ask John McCain. Never mind the many experts and military leaders who've told us the information gathered from torture is completely unreliable and that the non-torture methods are far superior. Bring back torture, they demand. It's as American as apple ghraib. I'd like to say those proudly uninformed idiots have finally and undeniably embarrassed themselves; but clearly they have no capacity for embarrassment, nor does their audience.

After months and years of listening to their idiocy, words are all but failing me. I'm literally shaking as I type; I should be on the floor curled into a ball. I'm not sure I can take it anymore. What have we become when that grotesquely gaping group of gasp-inducing gaffers is offered up by a once-respectable political party; and when the more outrageously inaccurate or desperately disgusting are their pronouncements, the louder their audience cheers.

These are the purported leaders of a major political party; the people cheering them on are actually part of our political process, have their fingers on the buttons in the booths that will determine our future. Or lack of it. Bullshit pours from them like, well, shit from a bull. Freely, happily, with no thought aforethought, those laughable know-nothings (the one or two who know one or two things feel they have to hide it from their voters) spew demonstrable falsehoods like puke from a bulimic. It's truly awful. These are disgusting people.

Really, Republicans: this lot is the best you can do? Within this gaggle of grotesquery (Huntsman, when he's occasionally not drinking the tea, excepted -- and he was done before he started) is the one you'd choose to lead our country? Really? You'll support the last one slouching, you can do that without shame?

Evidently, yes. Yes you can.


Kari. said...

This was a really good post. I keep saying that they can't surprise me anymore, and then they do. I reposted this on my Facebook wall. I hope it generates some conversation.

Sid Schwab said...

Thanks, Kari.

Major stylin' in that red dress, by the way.

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