Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dogged Determination

In my continuing self-delusion that, with enough time and evidence, I can convince a couple of commenters of their erroneous beliefs (strangely, both are related to the medical field, which just goes to show you that education doesn't always equate with learning to think objectively), I offer a pretty deep look into the latest thinking on climate change, and that measly one or two degrees that they like to laugh off as inconsequential.

Climate science has not stood still for the last decade. According to the latest research, the level of damages once expected at 2 degrees C is now expected at considerably lower temperatures. Here's a graph that that shows science's evolving understanding:

[click image to enlarge]

A thorough reading of the article might require poring over some data, and following a few links as well.

I don't expect any results, vis a vis the aforementioned critics. But no harm, other than my wasted time, can come from trying.

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