Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Point

This covers two eulogies pretty well. I already miss Hitchens, sorry for the fact that any words I hear or read from him (words such as these) will henceforth be pre-spoken. As to Kim, well, his literal deification has always been obvious; but Hitch's point about North Korea being a living distillation of religious life and its view of heaven hadn't quite occurred to me.

Sure, believers will object to the characterization. But isn't it just a matter of degree? Isn't it, in fact, pretty much true: the demand of constant praise on pain of punishment -- even for mere thoughts? And what happens when you live with the knowledge (belief) that one person (being) holds total power over you? Not to mention when those around you expect you to show your subservience?


Frank Drackman said...

First Comment of 2012!!!!!!!
and I took the "Over" in howmany American Servicemen/women/trans will be killed in Iraq this month.
You'd think it'd be "Zero" since the Peas-Eater-in-Chief declared the Iraq war over back during Ramadan...
But its not, its 21.
And the "Over-Under" is where you bet whether more(Over) or less(under)points will be scored in a particular game, and they set the value by whatever gets close to a 50/50 split, free market y'see.
You'd know this if Seattle had an NFL team.
Oh yeah, you have one, I mean one that people actually talk about...
Anyway, my point,
Chris Hitchens was a pompous A-hole, who, if he didn't have a snooty English Accent, would be doing whatever popmpous A-holes do in England, I don't know, jeering the Umpire at a Cricket match...
or berating some Pakistani waiter for not putting the salad fork in the propper place(I saw that happen once, in Beverly Hills, OK, it was an Indian with an English accent complaining to a waitress with a nose ring that his Blood pudding wasn't bloody enough)ped me quit smoking.
Where was I? oh yeah Beverly Hills Nose Rings, I mean,
Oh yeah, Chris Hitchens got me to stop smoking.
I mean smoking everyday, I'm down to like one cigarette/month, cause I like to smoke after sex...
But I was like the President, sneaking smokes everytime the Miss-us was out, out behind the Poolhouse, just like I was 13 again..
And then I heard Chris had the big Casino.
That's "Cancer"
The bad kind, where even if they whack out your Esoph-a-goose you still die...
and isn't it I-ronic that Christ-opher Hitchens has "Christ" in his name?
It's like if I was Jehovah-pher Drackman.
I'd be an A-hole too,
well, a BIGGER A-hole.

Anyway, have a happy 2012, and hope the Mayans were wrong..


Sid Schwab said...

Happy New Year, Frankie. It wouldn't be worthwhile without you.

As to the Mayan thing: I'll wait for the election results to decide if I hope they were wrong.

Sid Schwab said...

Here's a bonus video, just for you and me, Frankie. Of course, if Romney wins the general election and Rs take both houses, the Mayans were most surely onto something, whatever that guy says.

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