Thursday, December 15, 2011


Item: Congressional Rs filibuster the proposed head of the consumer protection agency, claiming it's not about the man's qualifications (indisputable) but about objections to the very idea of that agency. In addition to calling the whole idea "Stalinist," Lindsey Graham spoke as if the legislation to create was pending. And yet, it was created by legislation a couple of years ago, which passed with bipartisan support! So, in effect, they're saying We don't like what the majority did, and we're gonna block it. Screw the Constitution and the way legislation happens.

Item: In the second wave of resistance to Obama's horrendous war on Xmas, RWS™ are now outraged that the president is celebrating it too much! Not kidding. That's what they say. And still some people think the President is responsible for the failure of bipartisanship!

Item: The best endorsement quote, ever, directed at Mitt Romney by a formerly-known person who's not a witch: "He's been consistent since he changed his mind."

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