Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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Recently I alluded to the falsity that is the perceived genius of Newt. Here's a much better distillation:

I have been perplexed for some time why Newt Gingrich is routinely acknowledged even by his bitter enemies within the Republican Party as a "genius," but the answer turns out is simple: he acts exactly like one of those obnoxious elitist intellectual know-it-alls that the right-wing no-nothings think is the hallmark of an intellectual. He is constantly reminding us of his doctorate in history; he routinely claims he understands issues more deeply than anyone else; he has made a career of denouncing or (when he had the authority) eliminating professional expertise that might challenge his own certain pronouncements; and he is a veritable fount of crackpot "big" ideas (mining minerals on the moon, protecting the United States from sci-fi doomsday scenarios, and "fundamentally transforming" everything as a first step to doing anything.

Another useful rule of thumb: real geniuses, as opposed to simple egomaniacs, do not generally refer to themselves in the third person.

And, to be filed under "Gee, really?": Newt's transformational! tax plan, like every one proposed by every Republican since Ronald "That's From A Movie?" Reagan, would enormously increase the federal deficit. Who could have seen that coming? Well, maybe anyone who noted his plan has million-dollar earners paying a lower tax rate than those earning $40 - 75K.

Or, to put it another way:

It's not hard to understand why the wealthy love the guy -- or any R candidate (i.e. any and all of them) who'll make them richer -- but why the rest of the Republican party? Is is more important to them to hate gays and religious freedom for anyone but themselves than it is to secure a future for their country?

That must be it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sid baby, been busy, you know that Payroll tax cut expires in 16 days 17 hrs, 42 minutes, 18 seconds , no, 17 seconds , no 16 seconds dammit, SOON.
Oh yeah, I haven't paid FICA since May, sorry.
Here's whats gonna happen, Mit and Leroy beat each other senseless, and when the voters come to there senses, and realize its the choice between a smug fat sawed off rich prick, and a swarmy tall rich prick, they'll drag Cris Christy away from the Buffett.
Match him with Mark Rubio-stein, and you've got a winning ticket.
Well at least in New Jersey and South New Jersey.
Anyway, your right about Newt, except for one thang.
First of all, you've been divorced, so you know.
I mean haven't you?
All the Surgeons I know have, and they'd friggin sub-penis there wives at there mothers funeral...
Thats why its called Divorce, if you cared enough not to bother them in the hospital you wouldn't be divorcing them.
And her "Cancer" was just an abby-normal Pap schmear, probably from cheating on his fat ass.
I mean, wouldn't you cheat on Newt?, I know I would, if I was an XX...
And I'm like the President, 1/2 Black.
I mean left handed, and howcome he hasn't done anythang to help out the South-Paws?
We're 10% of the Population.
OK, when you eliminate the Insane, The Criminals, The Criminally Insane, its like 1% but still, every little bit helps.
30 Major League Baseball teams
Well 29, not counting Seattle, and How many Left Handed Shortstops, Second Basemen, Third Basemen, Catchers??
You'll find more perversity in the BYU Pumpernickle Choir.
I mean Diversity.


Sid Schwab said...

Help me out, Frankie: where did I mention the divorce thing? I'm a little weak, recovering from surgery, but I don't think I'm blind.

Probably all of the rich surgeons have been divorced. Me, I'm in my 41st year.

Anonymous said...

Genius? He got a PhD in history from Tulane.

As I recall, his own party had enough of his snarky,unethical,self-aggrandizing, trouble-making ways in 1998 and sent him packing. He was sanctioned (84 ethics charges; historical "first" for a Speaker.

But Candidate Gingrich is the New-Newt. Right?

Anonymous said...


OK... Let's give this a try "He cheated on and divorced his second wife when she got MS.

"Gingrich's most recent ex-wife ... says he ditched her eight months after finding out she had multiple sclerosis."


That better??

Happy now???


Anonymous said...

And also:

In 1999, after refusing to take the seat he won in the 1998 elections, Newt Gingrich left his second wife, Marianne, for a much-younger staffer with whom he’d been having an almost-ignored affair. As in his first marriage, he did so shortly after Marianne was diagnosed with a serious illness; as in his first divorce, he fought Marianne tooth and nail over any financial settlement. And then he had the Atlanta archdiocese inform Marianne that their marriage was invalid in the eyes of his fiancĂ©e’s faith; 9 years later, he completed his conversion to Catholicism.


It won't happen any more though - he took a pledge to be "Faithful." Yeah, he's full of "Faith" and "Other" stuff too

Makes ya proud to be a Rethug, right Frank?


Anonymous said...

@ Eww-Gene

First of all, do you still drive the same car you did 20 years ago?
Umm well I do, bad example, cause you can't get a Cassette player in the newer models, like the 98s or 99's.
And who wants a wife with MS? Its hard enough getting regular sex from a Healthy wife.
And Tulanes a Top Flite University, they call it Jew-Lane, cause so many of Me go there...

and its "RepubicKKKlan" thank you very much.
Now I've got to put on my Santa Claus suit and tell the sick kids at the Hospital there's no Jesus...


Anonymous said...

"they call it Jew-Lane, cause so many of Me go there..."

You're a Jew - AND a Republican???

Jesus Christ... er, Holy Moses!!!

How did you ever get a house, in a decent neighborhood, in the Lost City of Atlanta???

They've got more covenants there than Moses ever heard of!

Oh, I get it, you're "Passing" right?

I put 350,000 on a Toyota pick-up; dammed thing wore out after only 23 years.

Sex is sex, enjoy it "if" you can get it!


Sid Schwab said...

I've got 230K on my 95 Acura, just replaced the clutch (a rare 6-speed) for the first time.

Frank Drackman said...

@ Eww-Gene..

Like they say, Money Talks/Bullshi-ite Walks...
Which is why I can get in my 08' ZO6 Vette(I have TWO cars, its legal(for now) and be at Herb Cain/Michael Vicks(former)Houses in 5 minutes...
And my particular neighborhood, which I picked carefully after comparing School SAT scores/Zoning Ordnances...
OK, all I really did was check to makesure the satellite dish worked..
My Neighborhood has more Changs than a Beijing Phone Book...
Actually I think there mostly Koreans, but "More Kims than a Seoul Phone book" isn't as funny...
And keeps the family Pommeranian/Ferret/Cat on there paws...
You know, so they don't end up for dinner...


PS @ Sid.
So did YOU replace the clutch, or just pay someone to do it? Its not Brain Surgery...
Actually its harder, whens the last time a Brain Surgeon had to rent an engine jack...
I did the clutch on Mrs Drackmans Nazi-Mobile(BMW) a few years back, came out fine, even with that box of left over parts that I couldn't figure out where they went..


Sid Schwab said...

Had it done, Frank. It's not my wife's car; it's mine.

P.S. How'd you get off blogger's shit list?

Anonymous said...

@ Sid...
didn't know I was on Blogger's shit list, thats how we Gifted-Genius-Ass-Burger-ians roll, minimal social networking skills...

think it was cause Mrs. Drackman told me to give up "Frankie's Hideout" so I deleted it, and started "I Want my Frank TV"(
which I've only done one post on, cause I forgot my own password...


Sid Schwab said...

Perhaps I jumped to conclusions when Frankie's place disappeared, along with your profile. I figured you'd fijnally offended every minority and they decided there was nothing left for you to do.

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