Monday, April 9, 2012

Alternate Universe

Mostly in response to commenters, I've referred here to the "I know you are but what am I" defense, to which they resort when faced with unpleasant reality. In a blog such as this, that approach to discourse is more amusing than significant; it reveals the lack of serious argument on that side, and at worst is sort of pathetic. If quite representative of what they've got.

But what is it when the Republican candidate for president -- all political Republicans, nowadays, but especially their default leader -- adopt that tactic as central strategy? At what point will even their supporters plant palm on face? (The answer, of course, is "never." Because they've been Fox-bred to ignore their own ignorance. Even so, it's pretty amazing that their leaders figure they can get away with it.) Mitt Romney, more times than I can count, has taken it to ionospheric levels. Not that he admits to believing in atmospheric science.

How does a guy who spent 33% more time at Harvard than Obama, who has 100% more degrees from there than Obama, whose sons schooled there, who's donated tens of thousands to the university, whose advisers include lots and lots of Harvard people (including two current professors), feel he can slam Obama for "spending too much time at Harvard"? How does a guy who has embraced the Ryan budget, which privatizes Medicare (which, by definition, "ends Medicare as we know it"), accuse President Obama of wanting to end Medicare?

Easily, is how. Without a second's worth of embarrassment is how. That Mitt Romney is capable of saying anything, no matter how detached from truth, is clear. Its explantation: like congestion of the pampiniform plexus, it's just part of life. But the fact that his supporters, which soon enough will include the entire Republican party (when they get to the fifth stage of grief and accept the fact that there's, finally, no alternative), haven't a problem with it? Now that, that needs an explanation.


Margy said...

First, I stole the Waldo picture for my facebook page. Thanks!

Second, I am living plunk in the middle of the alternate reality. As you can imagine, many, many Mormons (including my mom) are VERY supportive of a Mitt Romney presidency. They believe pretty much everything he says, especially what he says about President Obama.

The next nine months are going to be hell. Please pray for me in your own special way :)

Anonymous said...

Dr S:
A recent Saturday Night Live opening skit captures Romney's "I'll say anything to get elected" persona. DD

Here is the link:

PS: I had to look up pampiniform plexus...

Sid Schwab said...

Yeah, I was deliberately obscure in the reference. In a former life, I elaborated more specifically.

I saw that Romney SNL clip. Pretty much right on.

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