Wednesday, April 25, 2012

As Ye Sew

I wouldn't say Mormonism is stranger than any other faith, although it does share with Scientology the fairly unique status of latter-day whole-cloth creations (but aren't they all? To every thing, Turin, Turin, Turin...) by people known in their day as charlatans. But who's to say one religious belief system makes any more or less sense than another? Other than any believer in any one, that is, vis a vis any believer in any other.

The reason I posted the above video -- not intending to single out his religion -- is just that it's in keeping with my theme of the obvious: Mitt Romney is a liar the likes of which we've not seen in a politician. Sure, they all lie; but for Mitt it seems a way of life, or a strategy, or a business plan. Or a deep character defect. So I find it amusing to see a person toss Mitt's own religion at him, quoting its gospel on liars. Since, evidently, we all must profess allegiance to our particular brand of Christianity to be considered worthy, it seems reasonable to apply a candidate's own religious standards to his behavior.

On which basis one might conclude either that Mitt isn't all that true a believer, or that he accepts his fate as the price he's willing to pay for earthly accolade; or that his lying is so pathological that he doesn't recognize it as such, its demonstrable undeniability notwithstanding. But the latter (no pun) would imply a cognitive breech so egregious that everyone ought to consider disqualifying for the highest office in the land, the guy in charge of Planet Earth's most expensive and powerful military. I wish I could figure out which it is.

It's repetitively obvious that I'm having a hard time getting my mind around the fact that we have a candidate like Mitt, let alone the real possibility that he could become our president. His lying is so unprecedented I find myself simply unable to process it. I guess it shouldn't surprise me about today's Republican Party; but this is like nothing we've ever seen.

But I don't suppose he watches MSNBC.


Frank Drackman said...

High-5 Sid! Up-High, Down-Low, Too-Slow...
I knew that whole Shroud of Turin thang was a fake from the beginning.
First of all, even if it WAS Hey-Zeuss, he was just a man, like Me or You, took craps, farted, raised the dead..
And even if the Shroud was authentic, the dude looked like Todd Rundgren.
And I remember totally defeating this Holy-Roller Baptist Pediatrics(aren't they all)Chief Resident in an argument over the Shrouds bona fides, and when the Carbon Dating was done in 1988 I was the first one to throw it in that A-holes face.
Too bad are argument was in 1986:( well, I didn't wanta go into Peds anyway...


Anonymous said...

Don't dis the Shroud of Turin! It is an interesting historical artifact. I've seen no evidence that it is a painting nor any other definitive explanation of how the image was created. Since we aren't "sure", the proverbial burial-cloth door remains open.

On the VP prospects, I assume Rubio (born in 1971)would be selected to help garner the youth and Latino vote--but Chris Christie (by virtue of BMI > 30) represents or at least can identify with 34% of Americans. Romney on the other hand (by virtue of being super rich) only represents or relates to about 1%; possibly the source of his usual discomfiture when glad-handing with "the public".

Sid Schwab said...

Pretty much all the science that's been applied to the shroud has shown it to be dated way later than the time of Jesus.
Fake, in other words.

Be that as it may, what I've never heard discussed (probably because I've spent an amount of time on it that rounds off to zero), is that the image absolutely doesn't comport with any possible human face, but especially that of a Semite from 2000 years ago. To me, with its perfect verticality, it looks like a totem pole.

But, of course, it wasn't the point of the post anyhow.

Frank Drackman said...

@ DD..
re: the Shroud.
Google "Camera Obscura", we made one in Boy Scouts. And I think those "Mythbusters" dudes recreated the whole thing with $5 of Plaster of Paris and Baking Soda.
@ Sid, good call on the Un-Anatomical-ness of Mans supposed Saviour...
And wouldn't you expect a Surpreme Be-ing to be a little more Surpreme in the Package area?


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