Friday, April 27, 2012


Once again leaving no doubt about their priorities, congressional teabaggRs have announced the penalty for agreeing to keep student loan interest rates low: cutbacks on childhood immunization. And, to fund their testicular tendency toward ever-increasing military spending, they'll cut food stamps.

I suppose the first makes fiscal sense: if more children die, there'll be fewer needing future college loans. Which might be the only place in their budgets where the math might add up. The defense spending? Well, there's no other word for it, in these times, but insane. Heartless. Stupid. Selfish. Destructive. Deceptive. Bizarre. Naked military-industrial-lobbyist payola. Delusional. Paranoid. Unchristian. Upside-down. Suicidal. Homicidal. Fratricidal. Filicidal. Mentacidal. Parracidal. Senicidal. Anhistorical. Insane.

Meanwhile, ironicidal, after just appearing on Jay Leno, and evidently contemplating hosting SNL, Rominee is criticizing President Obama for spending twenty minutes on Jimmy Fallon's show.

How obvious does it have to be before people wake up? Really, is there no level of absurdity, no amount of heartless heaving to their hope of having havens for the most wealthy, beyond which their flock won't follow? Is there no point at which people would stop and think, if these guys get their way, there'll be nothing left of the country that once was? Can there be left, among so-called conservative Americans, no ability to recognize a set of priorities so skewed away from the needs of the country that they'd speak up? Rise from the soft mist of what they think is spray from the sea and discover that it's pollution of their minds instead?


Frank Drackman said...

Sid, can I be Frank?
I mean honest, your a Surgeon, right? which means you have to tell someone there cute little appendix has to end up under some creepy Pathologists microscope.
For your average Schmo, College makes about as much financial sense as a Lottery Winner blowing $50,000,0000 on 50,000,000 more tickets.
If you wanta drive a Truck, or work at Best Buy, you don't need no stinkin college.
Kids should pay for College like I did, work 3 jobs, sell Plasma, sponge off your parents.
I only took out a student loan when I needed something important, like a Motorcycle, and then only cause I could defer the interest for 3 years of military service, 3 more of residency, and dammit, finally had to start paying...


Anonymous said...

Sid, you voice my worst fears.

I can't muster up a lot of enthusiasm for working or donating to re-elect President Obama, but the alternative is unthinkable. It's beyond depressing.


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