Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Floating Turd

I can't say for sure, but I think there was a time when I sort of admired Jerry Riviera. Unless I'm wrong, he used to do some actual reporting. What I find most amazing about the above is how he's become the perfectly Platonic ideal of a Fox "news" person: He's going for the fuck-yeah watcher. Which, I'm betting -- if I'm wrong, convince me -- was the reaction of most of his viewers.

Of course it would have been predictable that the Taliban guy (assuming he was real) would use the opportunity to propagandize. One might ask, therefore, what was the point in the first place. But whereas it might have been a bit of a coup to have had an opportunity to hear from one of those guys, it's clear Mr Fox had no intention of using it to produce any kind of insight. As usual, Geraldo made the whole thing about himself. And, following the Fox-what-Ailes-us model, knowing he had no reason to respect his audience, he went for the gut reaction. Right-wing America's trusted (what word comes next?) source.

In a catalog of pathetic examples Fox abandoning any pretense of news, so long as to be impossible to list, this floats to the top like turds (don't click that link) produced by pancreatic insufficiency.


Frank Drackman said...

Ummm did you forget to pay your cable bill???
Cause all I see is a black box instead of watever that scamp Geraldo's up to lately...
But I'll take your word for it, at least Fox's Resident Blowhard isn't a clogged left main away from the Oval Orifice...
And just to show I'm an old fart to, I put in my first Subclavian Line, I mean my first Chest Tube, actually a Subclavian Line AND a Chest Tube during that whole "Al Capone's Vault" Fiasco.
And No, I wasn't an Intern, 3rd year Med School Baby!, Thats how we roll in the LA(Lower Alabama)
OK, I know, I know you taught Chest Tubes in Junior High...


Sid Schwab said...

Works fine on my laptop, Frank. Maybe they're on to you.

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