Friday, April 20, 2012

Going To The Dogs

When I was, oh, maybe six or seven, a friend and I were playing outside, doing something fun enough that when he said he had to go home to poop, I talked him into doing it under a tree instead. I was a year older than he. "Dogs do it," I pointed out. Accurately, I might add.

When I was in my surgical residency, a friend's house was robbed. Whoever did it, in addition to taking her stuff, took a dump on her bed.

If I correctly understand the RWS™ position on the fact that, as a nine-year old, Barack Obama did what his dad told him and tasted dog meat, the two acts of toiletry are equivalent. They're telling us, after all, that a nine-year-old agreeing to dog-nibbling is the moral equivalent (worse, actually) of an adult choosing to strap his dog to the roof of his car and driving thusly for twelve hours.

And now you know what to look forward to for the next six-and-a-half months. I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I can last that long.


Anonymous said...

Considering the gross,over-processed crap most Americans eat everyday (e.g. ground meat with pink-slime added)I doubt it is an issue. Just a lame distraction. DD

Frank Drackman said...

Wow, wierd Fetish you have there Sid, might wanta keep that on the DL, nome sane?
And don't dish out the Dog(get it?)attacks if you can't take it...
And for once can I be Rodney King?
No, don't Taze me Bro', but C-C-C-C-Cant we j=j=j=just get along??
If eating Dogs so bad, how come 2 billion Chinese do it??
Or is it Koreans? They all look the same to me.
When you get down to it, Protein's Protein, and if Jeffy Dalmer had been a South American Soccer Player instead of a Freak, he'd be on "the View" instead of "Crime Files".
And whats the crime in letting a dog ride on the roof? He was in a Doghouse for friggin cryin out loud, and with Romney, it was probably some person's foreclosed house.
Occassionally, OK, every 3 months, I have to take Mrs. Drackman's Pommeranian to the Vet. Does He ride in the front?
Nope, he gets Carsick, and have you ever tried to get one of those scopolamine patches on a dog??
So he rides in the TRUNK, its only 10 minutes, OK, maybe an hour if traffic's bad, and when we get to the Vet he's all relaxed.
OK, more like limp, but that CO washes out pretty fast...


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