Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teen Angels

Here's a list, just released by the CDC, of teen pregnancy rates per 1000, by state:

1. Mississippi 55
2. New Mexico 52.9
3. Arkansas 52.5
4. Texas 52.2
5.Oklahoma 50.4
6. Louisiana 47.7
7. Kentucky 46.2
8. West Virginia 44.8
9. Alabama 43.6
10. Tennessee 43.2
11. South Carolina 42.5
12. Arizona 42.4
13. Georgia 41.4
14. Kansas 39.2
15.Wyoming 39
16. Nevada 38.6
17. Alaska 38.3
17. North Carolina 38.3
19. Indiana 37.3
20. Missouri 37.1
21. Montana 35
22. South Dakota 34.9
23. Ohio 34.2
24. Colorado 33.4
25. Idaho 33
26. Illinois 33
27. Hawaii 32.5
28. Florida 32
29. California 31.5
30. Nebraska 31.1
31. Delaware 30.5
32. Michigan 30.1
33. North Dakota 28.8
34. Iowa 28.6
35. Oregon 28.1
36. Utah 27.9
37. Virginia 27.4
38. Maryland 27.2
39. Pennsylvania 27
40. Washington 26.7
41. Wisconsin 26.2
42. New York 22.6
43. Minnesota 22.5
44. Rhode Island 22.3
45. Maine 21.4
46. New Jersey 20.3
47. Connecticut 18.9
48. Vermont 17.9
49. Massachusetts 17.1
50. New Hampshire 15.7

Isn't hard to notice, is it, that from highest to lowest is pretty much a trip from the reddest of the red, the Christianist, we're-the-ones-with-family-values, abstinence-only states, to the bluest of the blue, liberal, anti-family not-real-American ones.

Not that it means anything.

(Important side note: when singing that song [I do like to sing], I changed the opening line to "That fateful night we parked the car upon the railroad track; I tied you down, you broke away, I dragged you screaming back."


Frank Drackman said...

Sid, does John Derbyshire know your stealin his material???
and just like a Surgeon to see a bunch of trees and try to make a political point, instead of choppin em down and makin somethin useful, like a baseball bat.
And your right, if you mean by "Reddest of the Red"
"Highest Minority Population"
and just curious, where does DC fit in there?
Y'all always wanta make it a State anyways...
and OK, I already know, and I know, your censoring me, but if I don't see my comment, I'll still know you saw it...


Frank Drackman said...

OK Sid, I still remember my Residency days, so I'll present my Data first.
OK, I admit I read the Enquirer, but only for the stories about puppies born with 3 heads, I wouldn't use it as source material, unless I was writing about puppies born with 3 Heads.
But Straight from the "DC Campaign to stop Teen Pregnancy"
if you habla the Http,

"2009 DC Teen Pregnancy Rate"

59.1(per 1,000)

which would make it Numero Uno, if you Habla the S-panol.

Strange, sort of blows your "Red State" theory out of the (broken) water.
and makes MY theory...

its cool, True Genei are rarely appreciated in there era..

Frankie "Numbers" Drackman

Sid Schwab said...

The data come from the CDC, Frankie. Several sources reported it, and I chose one to link to.

As to your point, more worthy than most, it doesn't change the facts regarding states; and any state (maybe not Alaska? Not looking it up) has many more people than D.C.

Frank Drackman said...

My Mom used to tell me,before I'd contradict one of my Dad's erroneous assertions...
Rememeber that whole "Airplane on a Conveyor Belt" Thang?
Or when I checkmated his Robert E. Lee(Remember those "Civil War Chess Sets? I always had to be the Bad Guys)
"HAHA FOOLS MATE!!!" I exclaimed, without explaining that the "Fool's Mate" he'd stumbled into was a well known trap, and I wasn't calling HIM a Fool.
and while she'd attend to my periorbital Echymoses, she'd say...

"Make Absolutely Sure Your Right, Then Shut Up"
But since you can't hit me through the Internets...

from the Official 2010 US Census

DC 617,996
Wyoming 493,782

and I've been to Wyoming, I think there counting the Prarie Dogs.

Frankie "the Nose" Drackman

Sid Schwab said...

To unknown commenter: I gave you one free pass. If you can't figure out how to add initials or some other identifier to your post, it won't get published. Not that it was much of a comment: same-o, same-o.

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