Thursday, April 26, 2012


As the UK falls into what's now an officially-designated double-dip recession, I'm waiting to hear a couple of things from nominee Rominee (or is it NOMiny):

First, since the US is faring much better than any European country after the world-wide meltdown of 2008, I'd like him to specify in what ways President Obama has made things worse, as he's claimed, denied, and claimed again (along with his usual claim that Obama is anti-capitalist). And second, since all of Europe -- and especially Great Britain -- has already engaged, to disastrous effect, in the sort of austerity measures that Mitt and Ryan and the entire Republican party are advocating for the US, I'm waiting to hear them defend their plans in light of that, and to explain why it won't have the same effect here.

I suppose they could argue that since we're on much better economic footing now than we were in 2008 their drasticity won't impact us the way it has Europe. But then they' have to acknowledge....

For people able to breathe through their noses, the election ought not be a close call: the choice couldn't be clearer, and the dishonesty of the R side couldn't be more transparent. To teabaggRs, anyone who thinks the government ought to play a role in anything -- anything at all -- is now to be labeled a communist. Literally. And their foundational argument, that President Obama is a socialist hater of capitalism, is patently false by any measure. (It's also as plain as evolution that the claim he's made things worse is simply a lie, straight up.) And yet that's their pitch, and, certain it will be replayed, amplified, propagandized with the worst and most dishonest journalism possible, they'll repeat it over and over, knowing their lobotomized audience will accept it without challenge. Without thinking. Without wanting to think. Without the carefully eliminated ability to think.

Rominee's campaign began as a lie, prevailed over his laughable R opponents with lies, and will continue to be based squarely on lies so easily exposed that he should have been laughed off the stage from day one. Neither Mitt Romney nor the Barack Obama against whom he campaigns actually exists. In the case of Obama, it's because what he has and hasn't done bear no resemblance to Rominee's claims.

In the case of Mitt Romney, since he's never stood for anything that he wasn't happy to change with the political winds (he's already doing it again; don't doubt lots more is on the way), in a political sense he's never existed at all. And yet, in a testament to the power of disinformation and non-education, teabaggRs all across the country are ready to vote for him. Based on lies, about Obama and about the policies they've been convinced to support. Pretty damn depressing.

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Frank Drackman said...

We get it Sid, You don't like RepubiKKKlowns(good?hmm?)
I don't either for the most part, which is why I vote every 20 years.
But when I do, its a big one, I'm like a Locust that way.
And if the Gatekeeper of my Martial tranquility didn't insist on checking my ballot, I'd probably sit this one out.
I sort of like having a 1/2 Black, 1/2 Muslim Black Supremicist(his former Pastor, not mine)its like a really long SNL sketch.
Whats with the "Nose Breather"ism??
Did you know George Orwell's original title for "Animal Farm" was "Nose Breather Farm"?
And yes, I'm one of those unfortunate Mouth Breathers, which is a good thang, cause with the size of My Schnozz, it's like Katrina when I sneeze...
And I know they have Surgery for it, but..............
Your a Surgeon, would you let an ENT anywhere near your face with a sharp object??.
And I still remember my child hood tonsillectomy,
No Ice Cream, just lame-ass Jell-O, eff You Bill Cosby.
And I'm shocked, shocked, a Pro-Gressive(great Insurance commercials BTW) would poke fun at someones physical infirmity, do you see me making fun of Pre-Alzheimers sufferers??
I said DO YOU SEE ME....
Oh sorry, you don't remember...

Frank "I'm not stupid I'm just filling my Residual Volume" Drackman

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