Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boo Hoo

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As they have for, like, ever, Republicans are pushing the idea that the media are being unfair to The Rominee, and overly favorable to Obama. It's gotten more heated lately, after a self-serving and multi-erroneous article in Politico.

The above charts, based on -- what's it called, again? -- actual data, suggest otherwise. It's worth going to the source (The Project For Excellence in Journalism), where the lower graph is entertainingly interactive.

Having taken over The Washington Post, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, and having their 24/7/365 propaganda arms know as Fox "news" and RWS™ radio, Rs are engaging in their usual strategy of falsely accusing others of doing what they really do, all the time. It's really quite amazing; especially to the extent that their willing fodder buy into it all.


Frank Drackman said...

First of all, Newspapers are about as Irreverent as well, Newspapers...
And I'm the guy who drives his 95' Z28 one day a week cause it's got a Casette player, and I can't figure out the Ipod in my 08' ZO6..
I mean someday's a man's just gotta listen to some DefLepard, and with the price of gas, drivin around till the oldies station plays "Pour some Sugar on me" can be environmentally unsound, besides downright expensive.
But to the point...
Have you watched MSNBC lately?
So many Union Thugs I thought I'd tuned into a rerun of "Goodfella's"...
Admit it, you wouldn't mind if Ed Schultz had an "Accident" on his way to cover the Demo's Defeat today in Wisconsin...


Cory said...

Franky, you haven't considered that someone might think or wish the same "accident" upon you and one of your stupid Z cars? C'mon, brag about your paycheck again and again, tell us what taxes you aren't paying anymore. In fact tell us what real relevance you represent. C'mon, get in your signature juvenile last word and show us what a man you really are. Tell us how your life doesn't really make a difference... Wishing accidents on people Franky... Really?

Anonymous said...

Cory, Actually Franky, of lamentable music- and automobile- taste fame, is wishing that we are all wishing accidents upon others in order to affirm his own vile projections. He shows us his relevance through his comments, albeit unwittingly. (Like you, I believe he meant "irrelevant" instead of "irreverent", since the latter makes even less sense in the context of his sentence).

I'm a new reader here, but I must say that Mr. Draconian quickly distinguished himself as that easily discernible "one" found at every blog, whose oft incoherent posts are palpably mean-spirited as well as maso-antagonistic*, and to whom the moderator allows voice for his thoughts (in this case, apparently influenced by heavy metals,) either for entertainment value or pity's sake.

*Maso-antagonism is my term for obsessive-compulsive behavior which is masochistic in nature due to the need to direct insult, ridicule, and contempt toward oneself by infiltrating and provoking a group for that express purpose; internet trolls engage in such behavior.


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