Sunday, November 4, 2012

God's Will

Seems people are seeing it my way rather than the Christianist view: the purpose of Hurricane Sandy, sent to us by the good lord, was to give Barack Obama a boost, rather than warning us to stop being charitable toward a group of our fellow humans.

President Obama has seen a boost in his job approval ratings in the past week as the nation has dealt with Superstorm Sandy and its aftermath. Meanwhile, Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s favorability has hit a rough patch following almost a month of gains. 
The shifts come with the the election just days away and could mark a late turn in a campaign that has drawn on for two years.
Not that it should be a surprise: with which political party do the teachings of Jesus most comport? Especially when you consider the heartless, selfish, eye-of-the-needle teachings of today's Republicans. If there's a goddish message in Hurricane Sandy, it's not subtle. Let the scales fall from your eyes, ye believers. Your rock and your redeemer has just put his thumb on the scales.

(Actually, Mitt had peaked long before Sandy sidled in. But let's not let facts get in the way of a better narrative. No one else does.)

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