Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Killing Us Hardly

From an interview with General McChrystal on Face The Nation:

 SCHIEFFER: What do you think is the greatest threat to our national security at this point? 
MCCHRYSTAL: In the near term, it's clearly our economic challenges. Our inability to make tough decisions to move our economy forward, that worries me in the near term. In the long term it's our education because that is the future. 
SCHIEFFER: Not terrorism, education. 
MCCHRYSTAL: We can handle terrorism. We can handle a nuclear- armed Iran. We can't handle a future where young Americans are not educated enough to take our country forward.
Interesting, huh? From the general formerly in charge of our operations in Afghanistan, the very thing many of us believe and have been trying to say forever: our future is more endangered by those who'd, in the name of cutting taxes on the wealthy and spending more on defense, cut funding for those things most important to our future and our security.

And yet the entire R delegation in Congress is blind, deaf, and really really dumb to this. Not only do they not want to pay for education, they want to take what's left of it and turn it into science-denying, history-changing Bible school. And, fully foxified, their teabagging electors are right there with them, seeing Muslims under their beds and in the White House, made so afraid of their shadows by carefully orchestrated propaganda that they keep electing people like that, thinking they're saving America. When, in fact, they're doing exactly the opposite, while the people pulling their strings are making out like the bandits they are.

Yes, I sound like some sort of raving leftie: but where am I wrong? Will it stop before it's the death of us? Doubtful: teabaggers have just elected two more idiots to the Senate.

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AlisonH said...

The FCC used to required/be required to require that no one owner own a concentration of any newspaper and airwave market, and that anything across the airwaves must be for the public good. (A family member was chairman back in the day, so this was dinnertime conversation for some of us.)

I have heard a movement to get Fox's license yanked on those grounds. I think that needs to be pursued, bigtime, and if Obama doesn't, maybe President Hillary will.

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