Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pervasively Screwed

It's not surprising that viewers of Fox "news" are clueless, when this sort of thing is their standard fare (read the linked article: it's perfect) and won't ever admit he's wrong. But Senators? People charged with representing, per person, around thirty million others? From the too little/too late dinner with Obama (he should have been doing this -- continued it, actually -- from the get-go):
Obama’s dinner gets positive reviews... As for Obama’s dinner last night, it went very well, according to various NBC conversations with the GOP participants. It was serious. It was respectful. And it was informative. (In fact, one senator told us that he learned,  for the first time, the actual cuts that the president has put on the table. Leadership hadn’t shared that list with them before) .... (depressing emphasis added)
How much boggling can one mind stand? The guy didn't know because leadership hadn't told him? Besides the obvious "lazy," what should one call that? And what does it say about where we are, politically, and our future prospects? See above.

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