Saturday, March 16, 2013

Star Power

Okay, against my better judgment I've embedded, above, one among a series of videos I did for a new website, awkwardly named "AskimoTV," which aims, I think, to produce a storehouse of short videos by "experts" of all stripes on all subjects known to humankind. I believe they stumbled upon my better blog, Surgeonsblog, and asked me to give it a shot.

I never like how I look, nor the sound of my voice; and, in this case, I'd say I was less than fluent. There's also a slightly annoying time delay. It was, you might gather, unscripted. Trying to look professional, I arranged my laptop in front of a shelf of my wife's cookbooks. (To some, that might call to mind a well-known episode of Twilight Zone.) There are about five more of me at the primary site.

There might be a few more to come, in which case I might dress differently and find a better background. My internet camera is just the one on my Macbook Pro; and the mic is the native one, too. So I guess production quality is built-in, and poor. But I could try to look more professional next time around (and I need to remember to look at the camera instead of the screen: makes me look pretty droopy). I think a white coat -- I actually have some -- and a stethoscope around the neck would be a little too twee, don't you?

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Anonymous said...

I loved it! Explains appendicitis clearly and with outcomes. You looked smart and, must add, believable. Don't grab the white coat. Experience speaks in your words. Now, my curiosity is, why? Are you leaving us behind? I found your original blog when looking for answers to my son's pilonidal cyst. But I found so much more in your new blog. bl

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