Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Big Night

So tonight's the night our son and his long-time girlfriend are getting married. We're pretty happy about it. They're great together, and she's already the perfect daughter-in-law.

What's a more optimistic statement than deciding to get married? In world ripe for pessimism, it's encouraging. My wife and I decided, nearly 42 years ago, to go ahead with plans even though I'd been drafted and was heading to Vietnam. The day after our wedding, off we drove to San Antonio and the great unknown. This about-to-happen marriage is the same thing: a commitment to the idea that with the right life-partner, things can work out. Knowing the two of them, seeing them together and getting great vicarious pleasure from it, for eight or nine years already, I know that, for them, it's true too.

You can still call me Sid, Lindsey. We love you both, and couldn't be happier!


Jill said...

Congratulations Danny and Lindsey!!!

Who we are as individuals becomes more layered and richly defined by the love that comes into our lives.
And, I believe, that LOVE reflected allows humankind to flourish.

All the best and all my LOVE to you!!

Aunt Jill

Wild-Ivy said...

Wow! Our kids grew up! Congratulations to all of you! Our oldest son is getting married in September and we are thrilled too. His fiancé (and her daughter -- built-in grandchild!) are delightful and beautiful people. Have fun at the festivities -- it is an optimistic decision, isn't it?

xicanano2nd2 said...

Congratulations all around. A level headed Patriarch is very, very good. And make sure the grandchildren are critical thinkers.

Anonymous said...

Mazel tov Sid!


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