Friday, March 15, 2013

Wealth Redistribution As Business Plan

Watch the above, and say together: "Gee. Ya think?"

[Costco, for the record, started in this here liberal state. Walmart? Well, you know...]

It's amazing how igneous is the term "wealth redistribution." As I've said many times, any change in the tax codes is wealth redistribution; same with minimum wage laws, or fees, or just about everything politicians do. The point is whether the economy -- or a business -- does better when more people have the means to spend some money, or when money is sequestered in the hands of the rich and famous. (GE, we just learned, managed to avoid taxes by parking $108 billion overseas. Apple, whose stock is down considerably, is sitting on about the same amount in cash on hand. If it handed out some in dividends, I bet stockholders like me would go out and buy something.)

To argue that providing a living wage, or that raising taxes a little bit at the top end, is some sort of Marxist socialist Kenyan Muslim Nazi communist America-hating destruction of all that's holy is fundamentally to misunderstand what makes capitalism sing. Yes, capitalism. Which depends on lots more people than is currently the case having money to spend on the shit goods that American businesses produce. It's what makes the world go round.


TomInOrlando said...

I'll just say "Amen" to this post. Costco shopping has almost reached cult status, and the engaged responsive staff, who all appear to be focused on the customer play a large role.

AlisonH said...

I love Costco. And Walmart, never. Period.

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