Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dag The Wog

Remember when Rs accused Clinton of using the Bosnia attack to distract from blow jobs? The above has to be the stupidest thing I've seen from a R in a long time. Well, make that in a millisecond. They produce them like Seattle rain.

Yeah. The culmination of five years of severe sanctions, and countless attempts at diplomacy before this. Held it back just in case Obamacare had problems. Peace. What a fking distraction.

To Congressional Rs there's nothing -- NOTHING -- Barack Hussein Obama could do of which they'd approve. Achieve peace. Make war. Try to fix health care. Ignore it.

C'mon, teabaggers: isn't there any point at all, none, at which you'd look at these guys and realize what complete assholes they are; how bereft of ideas, how lacking in interest to do work on behalf of our county, how disinterested they are in anything but obstructing and criticizing our president, no matter what? Even if it makes them look like idiots?

Never mind. By now, we know the answer.

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