Thursday, January 30, 2014

He's On It!!!

Governor Christie, we can be sure, will get to the bottom of any possible ethics violations, yessiree. Because conservatism: 

The state Ethics Commission, which would rule on any ethics complaints against state officials in Bridgegate or other Christie administration scandals, yesterday approved Gov. Chris Christie’s recommendation for its new executive director -- Susana Espasa Guerrero, a former governor’s counsel who served in the governor's office with all nine Christie aides subpoenaed in Bridgegate. Guerrero previously spent eight years working in the law firm of Christie’s most trusted political adviser, William Palatucci, overlapping with Christie’s last four months as a partner at the firm before taking office as U.S. Attorney.

Before Christie took office, the Ethics Commission had always had a tradition of nonpartisan executive directors, Schluter said.
Accountability, is what they call it.

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