Monday, January 27, 2014

The Horror!

So the party of personal responsibility and accountability is aghast, agog, and araged that when some of their own appear to have broken the law there are consequences. And so it is that, predictable as tears on Glenn Beck's pillow, they see conspiracy and persecution -- vengeful, hateful, terrorful and terrible, not to mention legal -- in the fact that when word came from Gov Christie's people that it was "time for some traffic problems," and when Dinesh D'Souza seems to have been playing loose with campaign finance laws, and when Virginia ex-governor McDonnell got caught soliciting and taking bribes, there've been people audacious enough to look into those matters.

Why, it's... it's... nothing short of suppression of dissent. It's... it's... hunting witches. It's... it's... it's... unAmerican. We get to make shit up. We get to hold government hostage while making wild accusations that turn up nothing. Since when can parts of the government actually DO their jobs, especially when there's a Democrat in the White House? And, for gods' sake, when there's real evidence of real wrongdoing???!!!

Seriously. On what basis can one have hope for the future when one party has gone so irretrievably off the rails? How can anyone believe today's Republicans will ever get back to thinking straight and pitching in, or that those that keep electing them will stop for a minute and think about what they've done? I know I can't.

(And I can't remember where I found that gif. It was a while ago.)

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