Wednesday, March 26, 2014


CPP tells us:

Forty-six years ago this week, elements of the American armed forces entered the village of My Lai 4 in Vietnam and systematically slaughtered 504 civilians in a deliberate war crime. The only reason the death toll wasn't higher was because some American heroes,  including Hugh Thompson and Larry Colborn, placed themselves between another group of civilians and the marauding Americans. 
Now, we discover, thanks to the 60 Minutes group, that, once again proving to be history's yard waste, Richard Nixon decided to ratfk Thompson and Colborn for his own cheap political purposes, and he set his button man, H.R. Haldeman to do it. 
The documents, mostly hand-written notes from Nixon's meetings with his chief of staff H.R. "Bob" Haldeman, lead some historians to conclude that President Richard Nixon was behind the attempt to sabotage the My Lai court-martial trials and cover up what was becoming a public-relations disaster for his administration... 
And yet, he was "rehabilitated," his considered a worthy opinion in his later years. Not unlike Newt Gingrich, Oliver North, Tom Delay, William Krystol, either overt criminals or constantly wrong. Or both. While the bodies of the victims are still warm, right wing media can't get enough of Dick Cheney, liar and undeniable war criminal, nor in any way denigrate W, his right hand man. Donald "Six days, six weeks, not six months" Rumsfeld is still given rehab time, stealing oxygen from the rest of us.

It would appear that there's no crime, no damage done, no distance traveled beyond what was once considered respectable conservatism, that disqualifies one from hero-worship and opinion-seeking in the cesspits of right-wing media, the halls of Congress, the gathering of crackpots known as CPAC.

Kinda depressing, really.

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