Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Remembering Jeb And What He Did

As Jeb Bush's presidential prospects are on the rise, and as we're about to witness today's perverted form of Republicanism regain control of both houses, it's worth recalling that most sordid and despicable example of the failings of our media, our political system, the gullibility of the populace, the cynical manipulations of the religious right... all of which crystalized in the depressing absurdity that surrounded the death of Terri Schiavo. Jeb and his brother and their legislative leaders in Florida and in the US capitol were highly complicit. Nor were Democrats unsoiled by the process. 

It was a disgusting display and, perhaps more than anything at the time, made clear how stupid our country had become; how the media fail us all, Fox "news" especially but hardly exclusively. That was a truly shameful time, and, sadly, hardly an outlier but merely a harbinger of enormities that followed, and that are surely yet to come. 

Lest we forget the role the Bushes played, and in case anyone might ignore what it tells us about ol' Jeb, the reasonable one, this lengthy piece by Charles P. Pierce is worth a read. It's history we must not forget; and it's sure not to be the only episode of its kind, now that the newly insane R party is unleashed upon us all. 

I'm not gonna excerpt any part of the article. Read it for yourself. It's worth the effort. In addition to the political circus, it adds a very human perspective to the people at the hospice in which Ms Schiavo was bedded and to the work they do, and did at the time.

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