Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Well Said


Ray said...

What the disruptive reporter is actually saying is, But, but if I report about what you are saying or any form of media does. The amount of MONEY we will make will drop because it does not sell as much as the side I am pushing. People want to have news that outrages them that is my bread and butter. That is what my Corporate bosses tell me to push and push hard.

Smoothtooperate said...

Well Ray, if people are believing that it's "fact", then there stupidity and ignorance blossoms and flourishes to other such folks.

Ask anyone if they believe everything they hear. To a man, woman and child they will all tell you "no" they don't believe everything they hear. That's where the stupid is planted. Too stupid to know you actually believe everything they hear. Too stupid to spend the time to do more than go to FOX "news" channel and then log onto their website and rinse and repeat. It's second verse same as the first. Limbaugh, Glen Beck, anything that has the "Murdoch brand" on it. It's all garbage speculations. It's all fear and hate every day. Worst of all these right wing nut jobs that reside mostly in the Confederacy are blatantly and knowingly lying.

So you say "Liar is a strong charge to make". I agree, it is...The other thing it is, is it's the truth. These right wing, John Birch society, Koch lackeys are knowingly lying and lying and lying...I'll give one example, there are literally hundreds of such lies...But let's examine this one lie.

Be forewarned, this is going to require a tiny amount of brains and critical thinking and no common mental mistakes.

The economy is booming no mater how you want to slice it. I do mean anyway you slice it. So Obama finally goes on the tube and simply lists the accomplishments. If they want to say "Obama is beating his chest" or "Obama is arrogant and reads a teleprompter"(which is an excuse/criticism that always cracks me up it's so stupid and/or ignorant.) All of those criticisms may be true, but it does not change the fact that everything he's saying is the truth. Friggin' duh! OK fine, but you are saying to yourself "That's hardly basis for calling these uh "patriots" a liar"...In fact a liar they are one and all in a conspirators wrapper. I would agree...But the lie is exposed because Obama goes on the tube, lists accomplishments, says any way you slice it, the economy is doing better than the last 50+ years. Not just the last 7 years. 50 YEARS! The twisted right wing has nothing to say. Not even a line of there lame "scare charts" and "A mysterious and never named "expert person close to the POTUS". There was not a single word good or bad from the lying Teahadists. I am talking complete and utter silence for days from these blowhard right wingers. Then Ted Cruz pops up with "The Ford, Carter, Clinton, Obama foreign policy makes America weak" crap. Why not toss in there some "BENGHAZI" or some "$5 gas"? I mean geez...Cruz is supposedly the brains, the intellectual heavy for the Teahadists. All he could come up with in 3 days is "Ford, Carter, Clinton, Obama"????

Smoothtooperate said...

Part 2:

I'll sum it up. The Teahadist silence does two things. 1: It proves Obama is stating (did state) the facts. 2: The Teahadist silence also confirms that they know they are lying. If you say "The real unemployment rate is 11%" or whatever astronomical massively exaggerated percent each individual Teahadist pulls out of thin air. Then change the subject to "Black/minority unemployment" which is always high. 23% of black folks are unemployed, Obama is oppressing/favoring his own 'people'. Dog whistle racism and ad homonym attacks to explain the factual economics of it all. Then claim in the same breath that they are the "expert" and you are "not the expert". I am unbiased and you are biased". We've all heard the Teahadists slippery slope dire warnings crap over and over for years and years. Yet it's complete and utter silence. They ask Cruz about the economy and Cruz answers the question. Cruz answers about XL pipeline, "feckless foreign policy" etc. When asked to state his views about the economy. Cruz says "I know you want me to talk about the economy, but I am going to talk about Obama because he's bad for job creation...blah blah blah.

The Teahadists are liars and lackeys for profiteers who care only about profits. I wonder how many "Obamacare Survival Guide's" books they sold on FOX 'news'? I'll bet it's alot.

I'll end with this. Do you know why the Teahadist voter base is ignorant and mostly stupid when it comes to politics? Because their voter base is all over about 50 years old. The seniors are definitely the Tpubs loyal voters. You say "HEY! We seniors have experience and you youngsters have none." type arguments. Certainly these older and mostly white folks are too smart to be taken by a blatant lie! They got experience!" Yeah, that's all mostly true...Answer me this. Why do scam artists target elderly folks? Use some cells and answer the question. Why do scam artists target the elderly??? Not a single Teahadist can answer that question. It would blow their cover as thoughtful intellectual "experts".

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