Friday, April 3, 2015

Heads Will Explode

Oh, no! The horror!! A possible agreement with Iran on their nukes??? Without a shot being fired??? My god. Our right wing will hype this as tantamount to treason, at worst, and as deadly naivete at best. While Dick Cheney spews his usual "worst president in my lifetime" claim. Peace. Healthcare. Recovering economy. Jobs. What could be worse?

And, no, I don't really trust Iran. But there is precedent for bad actors following the rules, especially when they know the consequences of not doing so. And, yes, I think the sanctions, decried as usual by all the right wing screamers, were a major part of pressuring an agreement.

Today's elected Republicans, and those that elect them, and the networks of propaganda that help with the deceptions, won't find anything good in anything Obama has done or will do. Especially if it means robbing them of their most favorite thing, war. Useless weapon systems. Defense contractors. Sending other people's kids to fight and die. While not paying for it. Scott Walker promises to do to the deal what he's already done to his state. Destroy it. But for the rest of us, including those scarce true conservatives, avoiding war isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I assume, as it is with efforts to address climate change, Mitch McConnell is, as we speak, penning letters, maybe with Tom Cotton's help, to our allies suggesting they reject any agreement with Iran, and to Iran, imploring them to choose war. It's what patriots do, after all. God bless us, one and all.

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Cory said...

Hey Sid- I'm at an impasse with myself. All these awful horrid people you write about, they are our brothers and sisters. Literally, my brother is a far right republican; I haven't spoken with him in years, not due to his politics, but more so due to the fact that other than blood we have nothing in common. However, I find it difficult to berate or hate him. Is not the behavior you write of common throughout the history of "civilized" mankind? Therefore is not this behavior part of our history, of you and I? We the people behave this way. Is writing about it and complaining about it actually doing something about it? Perhaps complaining may eventually lead to change, but I don't believe ranting does. Start a walk for change, I'll be there with ya. Start an advocacy group for change, I'll help you. Do a TED talk, I'll spread the word. From reading your book and blogs, and from what little interaction I've had with you, I believe in your ability to call bullshit. Now I believe in your ability to be an activist. Let me know how I can help. Take it up a notch, and I'm with ya.

Sid Schwab said...

Fair criticism, Cory. The last thing I'd claim is that this blog, or my Facebook postings, or my newspaper columns have any effect whatsoever. I know they don't. Why do I do it? Especially when I keep asking myself why, and remind myself constantly that it doesn't do a damn bit of good, a damn bit of anything one way or the other? No answer.

Except that I don't think walks or talks do a hell of a lot more, either, and this is easier.

Cory said...

Sid, I suppose I don't mean to criticize, as much as look for hope. I've read your blog for years, and yes sometimes it wears me out, but If ordinary low life, piss ants, back wood, red neck county folk like myself can't find hope in accomplished, extraordinary, and talented folks such as your self, then where should I look? You must have some hope, if not at least for that new grandchild of yours? You've written of your family and history, surely they passed some genetic hope and optimism to you! I'd be so proud and hopeful to have had a family history such as yours... trust me. We the people, have so much power that we don't understand, you can help with that. Please?

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