Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bloody Awful

This article, admittedly on a left-wing blog, confirms what I've said many times, many ways: there may be liberal whackos, people who reject facts to serve their beliefs, who post conspiratorial claims; but, unlike their Republican equivalents, they aren't considered mainstream, nominated to run against Obama, nor are their publications given credence by Democratic politicians. Like this website receives from Republicans across the board:
... The first article coincided with the April 15, 2014 lunar eclipse (also referred to as a "blood moon"). WND argued that the blood moon was actually a divine warning against Obama's evil executive actions. 

Now, almost one year later, another WND article coincided with the April 4, 2015 blood moon.  This time, the article stated that it was actually Obama's negotiation over Iran’s nuclear program that was “totally tied to these Blood Moons”.
As you can see, they can't make up their mind why Obama is to blame, just know that he is. 
The conservative pastor they featured in the article also argued that the blood moons are coinciding pretty closely with major Jewish holidays.  True, actually.  If he had done even the smallest amount of research, he would know that is because the Jewish calendar is based on the LUNAR calendar rather than the 12-month solar calendar. But NO:  a natural and predictable phenomenon that has occurred since our planet's birth is due to President Obama.  That makes more sense. 
Seriously.  Article posits that the blood moons are actually divine warnings to the president because he is trying to promote peace in the Middle East... 
Well, other than it's laughable, it's pretty disturbing. A phenomenon that's been predictable, and predicted for thousands of years, is attributed to our current president's evil ways. If the idiot who spewed the drivel is unaware of how solar and lunar cycles work, he's deeply uninformed. Just as today's Republicans, with their attacks on public education, would like their voters to be.

If he is aware and says it anyway, he's a liar, a deliberate deceiver, and a shameful hypocrite. (Yeah, say today's elected Rs, you say that as if it's a bad thing.)

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