Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Blinders Leading The Blinded

Honest to god/gods, I can't understand the reflexive, inevitable, and pervasive right-wing response to all incidents of police vs (black) citizen violence: it's always entirely excusable, the recipients of said violence are always at fault.

Clearly the left wing has jumped the gun in a couple of instances before all the facts are in. But this latest one? A bunch of teenage girls at a swimming pool, acting like teenagers? The cop feared for his life? C'mon! Seriously?

Megyn Kelly has informed us the girl who got thrown to the ground and kneed was "no saint, either." She knows this, how? She defines this, how? The girl, maybe, had some words to share as she walked away. Shouldn't cops be able to hear some unpleasant words, tolerate a little sass, if that's what there was, from a teenage girl ferchrissakes, without going literally ballistic?

Either that cop has serious anger management issues or is seriously a racist. Doesn't matter: he's in the wrong business, and it's sorta too bad he resigned, to keep his pension, rather than being fired. I've said it before: I respect the job cops do, and the ones I've met, working in ERs, having one as a neighbor, are really good people. It's a scary job. But is it so hard to accept, as with humans in all walks of life, that there are a few bad ones? That even, in fact, in some cities, in some departments, there might be cultures inimical to good policing?

The point here, again, is this: Is there no amount of unnecessary police violence against unarmed black citizens that might be unacceptable to such people as Megyn Kelly and all the right wing screamers? In every situation is "fearing for his life" a legitimate excuse? Why is it that such people on the right can't bring themselves to question the actions of police in any event, most especially this one? Does it threaten their bogus narrative that there's no racism in the US since we elected the president they can't stand no matter what he says or does but not because he's black of course?

These people are poisonous. They're making it impossible -- deliberately, no doubt -- to discuss racial issues in a meaningful way. Not to mention any important issue at all. I think they're killing us.

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Margy said...

What ticks me off is that so many of the very same people who consistently rush to the defense of law enforcement are the same ones who act like they are the only thing standing between us and tyrannical government overreach. I guess systemic injustice is only tyrannical if it affects them personally.

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