Thursday, March 10, 2016


So President Obama's approval rating is at a three-year high: 50%. One must wonder if part of it is the depressing spectacle of R candidates pissing on each other, having nothing useful to say, and, in the case of Trump, encouraging audiences to beat up protesters.

And maybe it could be the entire bunch of R elected officials. Did you hear the one about Chuck Grassley saying Democrats objecting to Republican blocking of any (and still unknown) SCOTUS nomination are just "trying to score political points." GMAFB!

Yep. It's a joke, alright. Except for the fact that the millions of people who think Donald Trump (or Ted Cruz) is just the kind of president we need will still be around, no matter what happens to his candidacy. So I guess it's kinda good news/bad news.

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dan said...

No Donald you can't be President because no one cares how big your whatever is
No Ted you can't be President because you have no friends

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