Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shouting "Fire"

I don't like protesters at gatherings who try to shout down the speaker, left or right. Signs, calls for boycotts, fine. Not letting someone be heard, not okay. But I gotta say there might be limits. When Donald Trump repeatedly goads and insults protesters, pledges to pay legal fees for anyone who roughs them up, regrets that protestors aren't hauled away on stretchers, announces he'd like to "punch them in the face," that's incitement to violence that has (or ought to have) no place in our political process. It's shockingly like the behavior preceding the rise of dictators throughout history.

So I'm gonna make an exception for those whose protests ended the rally for Trump in Chicago. His is the sort of speech, like the proverbial shouting of "fire" in a theater, that ought not be tolerated in a free society. It needs calling out, forcefully. If his fellow candidates are afraid to do it, (Rubio is sorta kinda maybe wavering) someone else has to.

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  1. Protesters show America what the real Trump looks like by protesting. There ain't too many more righteous causes than making sure an extremist strongman doesn't become POTUS. Same with war mongers and irresponsible, greedy wealth hoarders. They need to be exposed and a right to free speech and assembly is the biggest of deals to defend.

    Hope everyone's sitting down...Trump is a pathological liar. Shocker...

    Yet, the Trump supporters say "I don't care what he says""Trump says what we say around the diner table." The perfect storm.

    Someone has to stop the Tpubs and turn the corner on the worst 40 years in American history. The first generation that left their kids and grand kids an America far worse than the America they received. This is the first generation to not do better than their parents did by a very despicably embarrassing margin.

    Now those same people are Trump supporters, FOX 'news' and conservative media junkies. Convinced "main stream media" lies and the speck of conservative media is the truth that will set us all free supposedly. As long as nobody touches their Social Security they will agree to anything.

    They don't care about policy. Trump Trade Deals. No nuke deals. Socialism bad. Media bad. Liberals are the enemy. Punch Big Bird in the face and then Kill Big Bird. Carpet bomb NPR headquarters. Start a riot in a gay parade.

    That's Tpub voters fight song.

    I am glad to hear that a few Tpubs have condemned Trump. From former Trump voters to candidates, they will never vote Trump now today.

    America is in bad shape. But it appears the Third Reach is still David Dukes wet dream. Now that's "a guy I'd love to punch in the face".

    The Trump voters are migrating to Bernie if you believe most talking heads(and I don't). Bernie will prolly never overcome the super Hilla...I mean Delegates...Super Delegates.

  2. By now we've all seen the video of the incident with the protester that rushed the platform and the Secret Service doing their job. I had to laugh when I hear Trump tell the crowd, "I was ready for him." Sure he was. We all saw the surprise and fear as Trump wheeled and started to crouch behind the lectern. But the bully needed to puff himself up to shake the shakes.

    Best comment I saw on one site:

    "Sure, Trump was ready. He was wearing his Depends."

  3. Haven't seen that video. Gotta check it out.


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