Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bag. Cat. Out.

This video is important in a couple of ways. First, from the outset, you see why there's no left-wing equivalent to right-wing radio: Sam Seder is a smart guy, and very well informed. But he completely lacks the fluency of a guy like Limbaugh or Beck. Left-wing talkers (and how many are there, anyway?) appeal to people willing to listen for the message, and think about it. Takes more work to stay with it.

More importantly, though, is what Joe Scarborough is actually saying: Republican economics in no way benefits people who aren't among the very wealthy. To get enough votes, they have to gin up anger and religious paranoia and blame; and they have to lie, and to get people to deny reality. In other words, for a minute there, Morning Joe let the cat out of the bag.

It still doesn't explain, however, the ease with which they've been able to do it.

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