Monday, March 14, 2016

Get Outta The Damn Building

This is a much better commentary on disruptions at Trump rallies than my recent one:
... I have a modest suggestion for all the groups working in rough alliance to keep the Republic out of the hands of a vulgar talking yam.
Stay out of the buildings.
Stop being played for such suckers. Stop enlisting yourself in his bloody vaudeville. Stop giving him stuff to lie about at all the rallies that actually do end up happening. Stop making yourselves part of the show, because it's not working. It doesn't affect him at all. In fact, his campaign gains strength from it, like some science-fiction monster that absorbs the energy of whatever attacks it and then uses it to destroy...
... My suggestion? Create a wave of non-violent protest outside the arenas. Close the streets. Fill the jails, if you must. Force the media coverage, which shouldn't be all that hard at this point. But stay out of the buildings because you can do no good in there. It gives aid and comfort to the forces you are trying to defeat, ... and it gives the other candidates from a party that long ago descended into madness one more hallucination to justify why it's eating bugs in public...
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