Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Praise The Lord And Pass On Cruz

Well, of course, the Lord works in mysterious ways, and, reportedly, He has a plan for us all. But even allowing for His penchant for killing babies in and out of the womb, producing debilitating diseases with untold suffering, and encouraging mass slaughter of innocents, by war, famine, and flood, all perfectly understandable stuff from the all-powerful first and last besides which there is none else, it's hard to read His mind in messing with US politics.

Huckabee, Santorum, Rubio, Carson, Cruz, all announced their entry into the presidential race by assuring us God had spoken to them, and that He's definitely pulling for them. None so loudly and with as much assurance as Cruz, though, amplified by his father: Ted, without hesitation, is the anointed one. Or was. Or maybe his anointment was for something else. It was less anointment than an ointment. Preparation T. Who knows? What we do know is that he based his campaign almost entirely on a not-so-humble version of Christianity, all but announcing his aim to turn the US into a Biblical theocracy, at the direction of and with the blessing of God. Or so he'd have had us believe. So much for that, for whatever reason.

I've waited for years for athletes who praise God for the catch, the hit, the punch, the game-winner, to blame Him for the dropped ball, the fumble, the clanker off the rim (ring?) Because there can't be one without the other. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the game on the scoreboard.

So let's hear Ted and any other of those godlier-than-the-rest-of-us announce their realization that God was just fking with them. Or that it was just a voice in their head, background noise among many other inscrutable sounds, that they mistook for a direct line to beyond the Gates. Let's have them take to the microphones, confessing that God must have been trying to humiliate them for their decidedly unChristian hatefulness, untruthfulness, lack of charity; that, as it turns out, when Jesus wrote the Constitution, he actually must have had separation in mind.

But then we'd have to fit Donald Trump into the picture, too. And that's simply beyond rationalization, no matter how firm one's belief. There's not much leeway: either God doesn't exist or, protestations of presidential pretenders to the contrary, He's staying out of it entirely. Which makes those who claim His counsel either liars or nuts (recall the association between paranoid schizophrenia and religious hallucinations).

Either way, the presidential politics of today's Republican party confirms beyond argument that if God exists, things can't be playing out according to any plan of His. All these years, all those philosophers counting footprints on the heads of pins. All it took was the devolution of the Republican Party to narrow the argument to only two possibilities, neither of which can be pleasing to the self-described party of God.

Or maybe it was Carly.

Can't wait for Glenn Beck and Tony Perkins to weigh in.

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dan said...

On the other hand, me-theist in that I believe in myself all other bets are off, I find it possible that such a God would be amused by this spectacle.
The party of Jesus Saint Reagan self imploding.
No rapture, just screamers coming to their logical end

Smoothtooperate said...

" It was less anointment than an ointment. Preparation T. Who knows? "

A & D for all the diapers Cruz dirtied. Dude is whiny and phony with a Mr. Burns accent and the poorest Bubba Clinton imitation I have ever heard. Ted may have a fall back position, but "Preacher" ain't one of them.

Saw Beck at the last Tpub cattle call last week. On stage, running his lips and a Bible in his left hand. Waving it around reciting John Birch Society talking points to the delight of the diaper clad throngs. Allegedly 98% of the women there had aspirin between their knees. *HEAD DESK*

It's nice to hear some honesty coming from the Tpubs. They are parroting the same criticisms about themselves that the Blue team has been saying all along. It's party before the people.

Well, the corporate lobbyists have convinced a bunch of gullible people that govt. is the problem and we don't need it except for war. Yet when they can't drink the water, turn on the street lights and have 5 cops on every block in M-1 tanks. They all want the govt. to bail them out. Oil spill ruin the entire southern coast line (all red states) they wanted that clean up money for their states and kept most of it. Took that Sandy money and same thing. Christie kept most of it. Reject healthcare for the people while the corporations pollute and kill everything in it's path. Then take Obamacare money to balance the budget of mostly red states. I think I know why they are called "Red States"...They can't balance a budget.

Glad to see the Tpubs are finally taking inventory of themselves.

Dr Strangelove said...

It makes me smile to remember the reactions of GOP/TP types way back when, when Donny-come-lately Trump first jumped onto the back of the Clown Car. Followed their dismissive reactions as Trump began to claw his way forward to grab the steering wheel, dumping out the other clowns one-by-one with violent, unpredictable jerking on that wheel. Sweet justice.

I stopped by RedState today (I need a shower!) to check comments. A good number of them are now proclaiming voting abstinence this year or even crossing over (!!) -- in the spirit of saving their party, of course. Haha! Ain't no aspirin gonna cure this headache anytime soon!

Is it too soon to be thinking of a record-braking landslide in November?

Sidney Schwab said...

Red State is also calling on Mitch McConnell to approve Merrick Garland post-haste! Mitch says no.

And, yes, I'd say it's too soon to think of a landslide. There's plenty of time for Trump, with Fox "news" and the rest of the right-wing-screamers at his back, to convince people he's changed; for the hate for Hillary ratchet up even beyond that for Barack Hussein Obama; for the duped to become even more duped. I'll believe it when I see it.

Dr Strangelove said...

It is too early. And I misspelled "breaking". My subconscious mind must still be still worried.

Smoothtooperate said...

The other shoe has dropped...

The Tpubs are falling all over themselves to be the first to take their name of the V.P. list.

OMG...What if the only person left is Caribou Barbie?

Drumpf/Barbie 2016 !!!

I am with Lindsey Graham...The Tpubs are imploding and they deserve it.

That got me to thinking...

What if Senators like Graham or house and senate reps. who are retiring or in purple states etc. started voting with team blue?

The Tpubs all say that the party needs a new direction. Bigger tent etc. They say the GOP is dead. A split guarantees the liberals will run things for a few decades. We will fix all that's broken, little by little. Educate people, voting rights, infrastructure, social services, civil rights, campaign finance, SCOTUS, EPA/global warming...etc.

I went by that Redstate site. OMG! LMAO! It's a full on revolt. It gets alot easier to see who the really dense and the paid sock puppets are. They were eating their young, ran out of their young and have all gone full blown rouge. Who is going to sell their integrity and dignity for a chance at the V.P. or cabinet spot?

Dr Strangelove said...

I was anxiously looking forward to popping popcorn for the convention, but there's no reason to wait: the warm-up act has already started and it's better! The hated Cruz will never be forgiven for pulling the plug, remaining as poisonous as ever. Trump promises contagion that will kill the political career of nearly any GOP politician caught within 10 feet him. Where's the butter and salt?!

Oh, please, Palin, please! Please offer yourself to Trump! I'm betting that she won't be able to resist. That's where all the cameras will be pointed. She'll do it for that because she's that dumb.

Smoothtooperate said...

I just saw Tapper and Palin on Meet The Press. She said "I'm a realist" "I don't want to be a burden on the ticket". Dude says "That's the most self awareness I've ever seen from Palin." They had nothing to talk about. They were prepared to shred Palin and nuthin'...Go to for Barbie I say!

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