Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump Hates America

My upcoming newspaper column:
Not that I’m the sort to be repetitive, but let me ask everyone who voted for Trump, “What will it take to make you wish you hadn’t? Anything you could imagine in the future? Nuking California?” (Okay, bad example. We know the answer.) 
Mere months ago most of those now defending Trump were complaining about Barack Obama’s “authoritarianism,” his executive orders, his vacations. OMG, he played golf! Insisting Obama hated America, they claimed he’d gone on an “apology tour,” was trashing the Constitution. Now, as those apocryphal Obama abuses have become real Trumpic ones? Silence. It’s one thing to approve the man’s policies, even though, so far, they’re bringing harm to everyone but polluters and the very wealthy. It’s quite another to overlook or excuse his wild claims, outright lies, and undisguised, premeditated attacks on the foundations of the republic. Like his latest: our independent judiciary. 
After a Federal judge, right here in Washington, issued a temporary restraining order on his immigration ban, Trump did what Trump does: Besmirch. Threaten. Blame. Sean Spicer claimed the judge had “gone rogue.” Counterfactually, Trump tweeted “people [are] pouring in. Bad” and that future attacks at home must be blamed on this “so-called” judge. Manifestly, neither Donald Trump nor his most avid supporters have much use for our Constitution, especially when it requires following laws or respecting processes they don’t like. But this is as fundamental as it gets, the very heart of Constitutional law. Judicial review. Coequal branches of government. When a couple of Obama’s executive orders were limited by the courts, their glee was unchecked and unbalanced. What changed? 
Observe Judge Robart, and decide for yourself if he seems to have gone rogue. Then, if you have the stomach, read comments accompanying the referenced video to see whether Trumpists understand how our American legal system works. 
Without judicial checks on unlawful orders and unconstitutional legislation, the path to tyranny is downhill and unimpeded. Our founders knew that. Throughout our history, Americans have known and understood. But history stops with Donald Trump, his Svengali, Steve Bannon, and, it seems, Trump’s most vocal supporters. The danger is obvious. 
Not being a legal scholar, I won’t opine on the constitutionality of Trump’s hasty and scattershot executive order. I do, however, understand the indispensible role of an independent and co-equal judiciary in our system of government. It shouldn’t be as hard as it seems to be for Trumpophiles likewise to understand. Nor should it require an act of courage or the ability to withstand hateful attacks for a judge to issue a restraining order. 
But, okay: let’s give Trump unchecked power. Then what of his passing off Putin’s murderous acts, claiming the US is no better? Interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, he did just that. While Russia praises his silence, he’s said nothing about Russia’s renewed killings in Ukraine. Given the unknown depth of his Russian indebtedness, and the lack of interest of Congress’ former Benghazi-chasers to apply similar (or any) scrutiny, you’d think anyone who loves our country would be worried. I do, and I am. 
And here's another Trump attack on America: his declaration that “negative polls are fake news.” News he doesn’t like: fake. The voices of the people to whom he promised to return our government: fake, if they speak against him. On vacation, playing golf after two grueling weeks of signing orders he barely read, he alleged the media aren’t reporting terrorist attacks, because “they have their reasons.” The White House later produced a predictably dishonest (and misspelled) list. In the O’Reilly interview he re-hallucinated millions of illegal votes for Hillary Clinton.  Asked for confirmatory data, his response was, “Forget about all that.” And he’s still lying about crime and murder rates. 
Pretty much covers all things America, doesn’t it? Trump distains the judiciary, the press, the opinions of citizens, the integrity of voting, and reality. He’d have us believe (because HE does) he’s the sole knower and dispenser of truth, and plenty of his followers are obliging, taking us downhill, picking up speed. This isn’t America-hating: if taken root, it’s America-destroying. We know his most devout apologists don’t care. Are none on that side starting to worry? If so, what will it take for them to speak up? 
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Smoothtooperate said...

Spicey goin' rouge...

Drumpf got body slammed today. Let's hope there's not political activists or political hacks on the bench anywhere else.

"predictably dishonest"

Yessss...You can not say "The sky is falling and/or will fall any second" as an end around to the law in Washington state.

I am watching Jason Chaffitz get his ass handed to him at a town hall. "I don't have an answer for that." He said to a lady wondering why OBL was found in Pakistan, yet they are not 'banned'.

Fact is...Drumpf has no facts. That's why Drumpf lost in court 3 times now. I honestly don't think we really really know why Pakistan or any other country is not on the 'banned' list. I mean, we don't know what's in Drumpfs heart, right?

Well, the court seems to know what's in Drumpfs heart. Drumpf is a racist bigot and needs to sit the $*%# down. You can "say" whatever you want. If ""THE" Donald Jackoff Drumpf is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States..." it is unconstitutional. It's targeting a religion. It's not complicated. Yet it seems to confound the entire Confederacy. The true keepers of patriotism and protectors of the Constitution. I mean, it's not what the law says, it's what the founders 'intended'. Apeerantly these God luvin' sooper geniuoses can tell what's in some dudes heart that has been dead for 200+ years. How comforting...The founders were intending to use a broken moral compass to guide our great nation. The court saw through it wrote a scathing love letter to Drumpf.

The gal Obama appointed tore up the person representing Drumpf. Like seriously. She 'mooshed him' as "Beast Mode" would say. The entire Justice Dept. got 'mooshed'.

Sidney Schwab said...

I listened to the court arguments, too. Thought it might be a 2-1 decision; glad it was 3-0. Maybe it bodes well for the S.C., too; although I think the 9th Circuit ruling was less about the legality of the ban than about the temporary stay of it

Smoothtooperate said...

I bet Drumpfs 'yes peeps' wish they had someone who is really an expert. A constitutional law professor...councilor to navigate Drumpf through the fluff and get us a real 'moose limb ban' as nature intended. Someone with some experience as an Executive. That would have really helped...Have someone qualified.

I about freaked out when I saw the handshake. He's scary...

Sidney Schwab said...

I don't suppose any judge would reject the opportunity to be on the S. Court; but Gorsuch must (I hope, anyway) have had to bite his tongue, as well as be embarrassed. At least he spoke out about Trump's bashing of the courts.

Smoothtooperate said...

Look what mittens went through so Drumpf could rub it in. These people would do anything for a buck. Anything...The difference is you can't touch a sooper court judge. So once he gets the job, he can make rulings w/o having to worry what anyone thinks.

I think everyone bites their tongue for whatever reason they have. It's been leaky so far. So it's a civil war in the White House. We'll see if anyone or any thing can stop Drumpf. I am hoping the whole ego thing overrides politics on the court. Roberts has a legacy to protect. I can't imagine he wants this court to be his legacy. Corporations are not people. Allowing states to suppress votes of mostly minority/Democrat voters. I hope legacy subpoenas Drumpfs tax returns.

I hope this dude is not a rubber stamp.

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