Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Truth Will Out, Unless They Suppress It

In other words, he didn't give a shit until the truth became public:

WASHINGTON — President Trump was informed weeks ago that his national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, had not told the truth about his interactions with Russia’s ambassador and asked for Mr. Flynn’s resignation after concluding he could not be trusted, the White House said on Tuesday...
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Anonymous said...

Ah...and now we have: FlynnGazzi, the first crack in the dammed Drumph admin that will make Oroville look like a dribble. So, what did the Raging Cheeto know, and when did he know it? Please, get off my fainting couch, and would somebody please collect my pearls; they scattered all over when I clutched them too hard!

Does anybody believe that a General, who spent his life in a command and control structure, just up and decided to ring up the Russian ambassador - several times - all on his own, to chat about sanctions and such? And he even tried to encrypt said conversations? Why? Its not as though there was anything wrong with that, according to the GOP talking heads.

So why has he been forced to quit? He did nothing wrong, but he no longer has the trust of Drumpy, the moral dwarf? Said trust existed for weeks after the present White House incumbent was informed about the calls. Until they were leaked, was it?

And even stranger, the good news didn't even make it downward to the VP who in all "innocence", was allowed to go on national television to deny the facts that are now being dumped into a republican, Orwellian, hit and run memory hole. "Nothing to see here! Nothing Happened!

"Move-On, Move-On! Let's All Move ON!


Smoothtooperate said...

The clock is ticking on the Drumpf admin...

It's always been my theory that they are ALL in on it and have been since the beginning. I could see 6-12 people getting charged. Even if it's only a 2-3 get charges, it will hurt like hell just the same.

The Tpubs are all "Now that he's resigned we can move on to the peoples business. Like the answers as to why 4 dead Americans are dead and repealing Obamacare." *head desk*

I really am wondering if John McCain will come unglued at some point. Jason Chaffedmantits sees no reason to investigate and in fact said it's the intelligence community and not an oversight committees duty to look into all this crap. Yet with BENGHAZI!!! and Hillarys' E-mails needed years of hearings. One after the other. Millions of dollars and so many man hours it'd make anyones nose bleed. From congress to their staff. 70 subpoenas AFTER it was found that there was no wrong doing. Hillarys' email witch hunt went on till she lost the election...Then the Tpubs played the "magnanimous card" and stopped it all on a dime. No need to beat up Hillary anymore...These people (Tpubs) ruin lives as if the have licence and think nothing of it, except to brag IE: Kevin McCarthy.

In both cases it was simply political and nothing more. 'Hillary' said it was a movie that sparked the attack and then the talking points changed to a terror attack. So that's 50+ hearings over a 'talking point'. One single solitary talking point. But Russia tampering with our election? Nawwwww...Waste of time and money.

On a side note...I watched Morning Joe, FOX and CNN at the same time yesterday morning. CNN and MSNBC was wall to wall coverage on this story. (also was dominating every other show on any other channel) and FOX spent 2 minutes 30 seconds on the Flynn/Russia thing the first hour and not much else for the next two hours. FOX 'news' was bitching about people boycotting some BBQ rib festival because Toby Kieth is performing(Toby did Drumpfs' exaggeration, incineration...err inauguration I mean). They (FOX) were doing mostly fluff stories. It was as if it was 2 completely different worlds...CNN and MSNBC reality vs. FOX 'news'. I had to stop watching FOX for a long time because I'd get so pissed off and frustrated. I now remember why, again...It's 99% bullshit fed to an ignorant viewership who keeps them and many other screamers on the air.

Paul "Buns of Stealing" Ryan AND 'the little turtle guy' is on MSNBC TODAY! I am waiting to see what happens...The last I heard, the Tpubs are crying foul! They are attacking Flynn to get to Drumpf. So it's a pig pile on Flynn now for the new talking point. MIKA or/and Joe is gonna clobber them I bet...Hope. Mika told Kelly Ann "to stop texting the show, it ain't happening here." live on air already.

Sidney Schwab said...

If it weren't so dangerous, it'd be comical. The basket of basket-cases.

And all that self-righteous America-loving chasing of Hillary's emails and Benghazi? Riiiight...

Anonymous said...

Flynn wasn't the only caller:

The officials said, that one of the advisers picked up drunk dialing the Russians, was Paul Manafort, who happened to be Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman for several months last year and who had, coincidentally, worked as a political consultant in Ukraine.


When asked to explain, Manafort said: “It’s not like these people wear badges that say, ‘I’m a Russian intelligence officer."

Hint for Paul: They smell like vodka and call you "Tovarich" (i.e. Comrade, Companion, Familiar, Fellow, Associate); but when they call you "Droog" (a member of a gang of thugs) they will ask you to help them hide a dead body!


Sidney Schwab said...

Actually, droog means 'friend." друг

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe that helping with DBs is a fairly friendly function; ButI had understood "Droog" as it was used in Clockwork Orange "Droogie". I had also read that in Russia a friend was someone who would lend you money whereas as a "Droog" would hide you from the police!

Should we check this with Putin, or maybe the ambassador?


Smoothtooperate said...

How ironic...This was in my box. It is Stephen Colbert going nuclear. A hard takedown of Drumpf and his accomplices. It's hilarious too.


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