Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The (S)hits Just Keep On Comin'

My recent post comparing Bush's last-minute antics to a burgler crapping on the bed on his way out the door needs updating. It really is pretty awful: it's hard to see it as anything but a middle finger in the eye of the public -- particularly those librul earth-lovers.

It's as if, in a perverse sort of way, he feels liberated: the "permanent campaign" is over, his approval ratings are crap. Gone is pretense; no need to make up empty phrases like "compassionate conservative." So this is he, the real George Bush.

Surprise. I still don't like it.


  1. About a week ago, I heard Bush giving an interview in a voice I had never heard before. The "h's" weren't dropped, he spoke in paragraphs and with some degree of literacy in a Massachusetts voice! So, as you said, the pretending is over. The emperor does, indeed, have clothes and they aren't jeans and a cowboy hat. He did exactly what he meant to do over the last eight years: he took care of his own. He no longer needs to pretend to be the good ole boy from Crawford.

  2. Jeez, is "W" in your guy's heads or what?? Even a right wing zealot like me only mentions Barney Frank every few months or so, and thats only cause I heard him talk about his "Boyfriend" on a radio station I'm payin for with my %39.6 marginal tax rate dollars, and it made me throw up a little bit, and I was stuck in traffic (I Know, Bush's fault, rotting infrastructure and all) and even an OTC Zantac didn't help, probably cause its a company owned by one of Dick Cheney's buddies and its just relabled Vitamin C...

  3. Frank: with W, it's like the country song, "How can I miss you if you won't leave."

  4. Not unlike the previous president who was also an embarassment as he was leaving office.

  5. Embarrassment, maybe. Path of destruction unlike any seen previously? Hardly.


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