Wednesday, June 29, 2016

There's No Low Below The Low

In our horrifyingly fractured politics, it's not even possible to have a clean vote on funding for Zika research and response. Today's Congressional Republicans are shameless. And, no, both sides don't do it. Not this much. Not this cynically, and not this dangerously:

You may have noticed that the Senate proved unable to pass a dog's breakfast of a funding bill to help fight the encroaching Zika virus. This is because the Democratic minority declined to vote for it. The reasons for this were simple: The bill had turned into a sop for the angry white Christianist bigot base vital to the re-election chances of Republican senators. 
It had become a Christmas tree hung with poisonous ornaments, including a provision that would loosen restrictions on the use of dangerous pesticides and a provision that would deny funding to Planned Parenthood, which seems just the thing to do in the middle of an epidemic of a tropical disease that strikes primarily at unborn children. But the whole thing descends into comic opera when you get to the ornament waaayyyy up there at the toppermost of the poppermost on the tree....
The Confederate flag. Yep.

If I have to see Mitch McConnell smirk his way through another press "conference," I might not survive. If, as it should be, his picture is next to the definition of asshole, I'm never gonna use a dictionary again.

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