Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pulling Toilet Paper Over Our Eyes

In what world is this a repeal of North Carolina's "bathroom bill?" And why is their governor, who won his election by running against that bill, planning to sign it:
... Thursday’s “compromise” bill actually maintains many aspects of HB2. The law prohibited municipalities from establishing LGBT protections at the local level and mandated that in all public facilities, transgender people could only use facilities that match the sex on their birth certificate. The proposed “compromise” repeals HB2, but then immediately reinstates much of it:
  • Only the state legislature would be able to pass any legislation related to the use of multiple-occupancy bathrooms. Thus, no city or public school could assure trans people that they can use facilities that actually match their gender identity.
  • Municipalities would still be banned from passing any LGBT nondiscrimination protections until December 1, 2020...

Did they think the NCAA, which withdrew all tournament games from N.C., would be fooled? Do they think everyone else is that stupid, too? (And how is it that the NCAA, of all institutions, is now a moral force?) Well, turns out they were right about the NCAA. Moral force indeed. "Reluctantly."

We need new terminology. Cynicism is too mild, assholery not broad enough. Assholicism? Sleazophilia? Inhumanearrogantignorantselfrighteousdickheads?

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