Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Unoriginal Questions

If kneeling disrespects the flag, what does it mean that people do it in church? Or before the Queen? Why doesn't she lop off their heads?

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  1. Nice perspective... Have no prob with players kneeling for the Star Spangled Banner or Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. That is a 1st Amendment right. I will honor that as well as those who choose to witness or protest in any form against a persecution of a people/citizen, based on skin color, dialect, religion, political affiliation or loving, compassionate companion. Having worked with more Mexican/Americans in this week rather than white folks, I have a real respect for their work ethic and camaraderie with fellow workers; so much more so than the honkie whities who cut into traffic lanes to get ahead of someone else who is just trying to get to their destination safely, making rude remarks on phone calls, and selfish, butthead put-downs of minorities I have dealt with every day this week. I really don't know how truck drivers put up with this priority one (ME First) on the highways. Courage is the password for these actions by NFL players, Go SEAHAWKS!!!

    The Viet Nam War by Ken Burns really added perspective, memories, introspection, and a objective, human experience that was well done. Need to see all of it again. Thanks, Sid.

  2. I agree, Sid. Kneeling is a profoundly respectful gesture. What's disrespectful is attacking what that flag supposedly represents. This isn't about love of the flag. It's about hatred of...(I'll give you 3 guesses here.) Imagine Trump's response if these had been white players kneeling to protest a proposed gun regulation.

  3. I keep saying this to the crazies: we kneel to pray, soldiers kneel to honor a fallen comrade, men/women kneel to ask men/women to marry them, Black Sabbath demanded their fans 'get on your feet or on your knees'. The whole conservative 'kneeling disrespects the flag and our soldiers' bullshit is just a canard to deflect their own sick support of systemic racism and bigotry.


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