Friday, December 27, 2019

Pees On Earth

My upcoming column/poem in The Everett Herald:

This weekend betwixt I should try to be nice,
Refrain from complaining or giving advice.
Until Twenty-twenty, of rants I’ll steer clear,
Maintain equilibrium, spread naught but good cheer.
Perhaps we can find things on which we agree,

If nothing else happens, as friends we can see,
Such pleasures as sitting before a nice fire.

Americans all, we do share the desire,

For grandkids to thrive in a land that is fair,
Relying on reason to clear up the air.
And when it comes down to it, who can deny,
Under stripes and bright stars do our colors still fly.
Deciding to shout less, to look for the best,

And be a good person: can we pass the test?

Let’s not forget this while looking around,
It’s lucky we live by the grand Puget Sound.
And that’s reason enough to be taking a pause,
Refraining from ranting (though for a good cause).

As Christmas has passed and left kids a few gifts,
No better time now to be healing our rifts.
Do join me in wishing to everyone here,

A pleasurable start to another new year.

To emailers past who have pieced me their mind,
Restraining my tongue, I’ll not answer in kind.
And to those who have liked what I’ve offered to say,
I pass on my thanks for oft making my day.
To everyone, though, since we all share a heart,
Or when we do differ we’re not far apart,
Rely on my words when I say most sincerely,
Our differences can’t stop what to me are most clearly,
United States values we all want to hold,
Since we were all made from the same sort of mold.

From common ground sprang we not far in the past,
And whatever our future, we want it to last.
Kindness, therefore, could be just the solution,
Each one of us makes as our next resolution.

(Read carefully, or you'll miss it.)
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  1. You are so good at that!

    There's no way I could do that without taking a baseball bat to my own head at some point.

    Let em' figure it out on their own :O)

  2. Your creative, literary genius is awesome! the title reminds me of the rain in WA as well as the politics in DC. And sitting in front of a fire, oh yeah, lets all hope. You Sir, are the columnist with the 20/20 as well as a few others, Robinson, Pierce and more. Enjoyed all of your columns and perspectives again this past year. Will look forward to each week. Thanks, Doc.

  3. You are one of the best. Keep the faith in I will try to do as well.Let's just hope that by this time next year we can both have a "high five" the wicked with is gone!
    Don't ever back down...nor will I... I am pretty sure you see my "posts" that get me locked out of the blog and possibly banned. But, in spite of it all, both of us at least use our own name and stand behind it!
    Happy New Year!

  4. I've posted every comment you've left, James, and always will. Far as I know, I've not missed any.


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