Friday, August 14, 2020

The Death Of Democracy

Michael Cohen’s book, the forward of which he just released, won’t change anything; won’t shake loose a single Trump voter. For all of Trump’s “presidency,” we’ve been given every reason to believe it. Plain observation has made clear who Trump is and has always been. Lying about Russia deals? No surprise. Slimy sexual peccadillos? Of course. He’s bragged about it. 
Tax evasion, mob deals, threats, hush money. It’s his lifelong modus operandi. It’s why those of us who voted against him, voted against him. Clearly, it’s why those who voted for him did what they did. No one was unaware. In Cohen’s book, we can expect confirmations, not surprises.  
But let’s assume everything in the book is fake news. It’s Cohen, not Trump, who’s the pathological liar. We know of thousands of Trump’s lies and none from Mr. Cohen since he found a conscience, but we weren’t there. 
We ARE here, though, bearing witness to the most dangerous, un-American, dictatorial acts any president, or in this case, “president,” has committed. There’s never been a greater threat to our country; not wars, not al-Qaeda, not ISIS, not even Putin’s Russia. 
We’re on the precipice of allowing dictatorship. Happening in plain sight, it’s with the de facto approval, by their silence, of the Republican Party – the party of patriots. The party of tough-guys, armed, camoed, and Kevlared to protect our freedoms against a dictatorial government. The party of Moscow Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham; Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. 
We speak of Trump’s unbelievable – except it’s Trump -- attack on the US Postal Service, to prevent mail-in voting. Not just his repetitive lies: he’s defunding and physically destroying it, having mail-sorting machines dismantled, mailboxes pulled out of the ground and hauled away. Seeing video of trucks carrying those boxes is looking back at the USSR; it’s Tiananmen Square, Hungary in 1956.  
These are the acts of a dictator, strong-arming to retain power by whatever means necessary; a man who believes in nothing America stands for, nothing but himself and maintaining the position he knows he never deserved.  
Now is when democracy lives or dies. For voting is the ultimate and only check individual citizens have on an out-of-control autocrat like Trump. If he takes it away, which is what he’s literally doing by taking away the means, it’s over. The unthinkable will have happened.  
After months of lying that it’s Democrats who are “rigging” the election, setting the stage for his brainwashed supporters to reject the result if he loses, he’s rigging it for real. In plain sight. If he loses, Trumpists won’t accept the results, based on his lies. If he wins by forcing this kind of brazen cheating, Democrats will understand it was a coup, based on reality. There will be, however, nothing they can do.  
Because if it’s allowed to happen, Trump will have already burned the Constitution forever, with the complicity of everyone who voted for him. There will be no recourse, because there will be no law and no order.  
Republicans and Trumpists must, finally, ask themselves, do they care about real American greatness or not? Will they accept a dictator and the end of meaningful elections because they share the same hatreds, or will they find the courage, the integrity, to say this is too much, even for them? If witnessing this destruction of voting rights, though it’s intended to disenfranchise only people whose politics they don’t like, doesn’t shake them to the core, there was never a core.  
It’s not just voters: it’s McConnell and Graham, Susan Collins and Ted Cruz, Jim Jordon and every other Republican in Congress, all of whom but one let this dangerous, impeached “president” remain in office. If none of them demand an end to his attempt on the life of our democratic republic, even though they’ve spent years doing their own brand of somewhat milder voter-suppression, they’re traitors, every single one.  
Trump’s pandemic response, allowing unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands and tanking our economy, is incompetence and stupidity, but likely survivable. Disenfranchising tens of millions is purely evil, and, for a democracy, fatal. People who don’t see it are blind; those who excuse it may as well stiff-arm the sky.  
Michael Cohen says Trump will stop at nothing to retain power. Turns out he’s the one telling the truth, after all. The question is whether Republicans care. The answer, it appears, is, of course not. Can it happen here? It is.
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  1. One of your very best, Sid!

    Oh, what cruel fate took John McCain from us!! I firmly believe that, had he lived, he would have torn the GOP a new one, scolding the whole lot, calling them out for exactly what they are, and convincing some of the earlier retirees to hang in there for the country's sake. We would have been OK, the bastard would have been trashed, and we'd be looking forward to tossing out a President Pence in November.

    My mouth has never been as foul as it is this year, not even during my Army days.

  2. seeker of wisdom and truthAugust 14, 2020 at 4:06 PM

    The American Revolution was won by a minority of passionate British subjects who gave their all to secure a democracy. Their opposition had superior manpower and weapons and for most of the war they overwhelmed the puny revolutionaries. George Washington miraculously fueled the spirits of his rag-tag volunteers to out last the most powerful military force of that time in history.

    What a disastrous shame it would be if we were allow the autocracy to prevail in this evil crusade to undermine our precious constitutional democracy. The undeniable fact that "the good guys" far outnumber the minority "cult of personality" led by a traitorous lying egomaniac.

    We must insure that all votes are accurately marked and tabulated. If the USPS neeeds help, we should utilize the other sources of delivery like UPS, Fed-Ex, Amazon, and the pony express to get the ballots safely to the county polling offices.

    It is obvious that the republican turn-coats will try everything to prevent a legal election with as much help as they can get from communist Russia.

  3. It's getting increasingly difficult to endure the ongoing malignant fumbduckery by der Furor and his Cult of the Bare Faced Liar, but it's going to get much worse. The period between Nov 3 and Jan 20 will be a time of profound existential danger to our democratic republic.

    On a slightly more positive note, only a few years ago we had a huge debate in this state about pre-paying the postage on our ballots. People were complaining that they should not have to pay ANYTHING to cast a ballot. The short term result was that free ballot drop boxes were mandated and placed throughout the state. Ironically, this bill was introduced and pushed through the legislature by our 39th district state senator (and then USDA Trump appointee) Kirk Pearson (R) of Monroe.

    These free drop boxes became redundant with the advent of pre-paid postage for all WA ballots. Till now, I thought these boxes were an unnecessary public expense and should be removed.

    However, I now intend to deposit my ballot ONLY in a WA state approved drop box, as I simply no longer trust the USPS to perform.

    Can't help but wonder what Pearson thinks of all this, but as far as I can determine he hasn't ever uttered a peep of criticism against Trump. Perhaps I should send him a note thanking him for his foresight in securing our WA mail-in ballots against election tampering by Trump's USPS. Maybe we all should ;-)

  4. The only way to secure a vote is take it to the election office. Leaving it in ANY box on the street is a chance it will not get to the elections office. All those tough guys carry matches?

    Politicians(alt right)...The idea is that nothing will happen to them. Their lives improve if they go along to get along. They get reelected and they go on vacation even if the republic is burning to the ground. Not to mention insider trading and other benefits. They take the goodies then they are blackmailed and owned by McConnell or whomever. It perpetuates itself.

    The voter suppression is underway. Goon squads are roaming American cities unannounced. The richer got richerer in the last relief package. All the Alt right wish list items are taken care of. The alt right is out of work so they went home, duh. They need to be reelected so it's time to go home and campaign! They can't miss that! They need to go home and explain to the brainwashed ignorants how Kamala is the most liberal antichrist in history. They need to coordinate the voter suppression.

    I think it says it all when Cohen says "He will do anything to stay in power.". It's plainly obvious that when he is humiliated, he lashes out. He's a classic bully. He's gonna be humiliated in November. No count on the planet can save him. He's going to lose by votes. If we don't get a soooper majority in this election, it's gridlock. So nothing changes folks. We can try to reverse the power grab but, it seems everyone really likes power. They'll choose to keep the power and say "Don't worry" when asked if we've protected our government from takeover.

    Joe Biden thinks he's serving one term (placeholder)? I doubt it. He thinks that's the plan now, but power is a funny thing. I do not have any faith Biden/Harris changes anything. It's "don't rock the boat" for four more years. It's what the people voted for. I ask again...What "change" is on the horizon? People are settling again. This time it's "stability" for security, in exchange for the poor, disabled and elderly. "Stability" vs. our veterans fighting endless wars for corporate profit. "Stability" vs. ending tax cuts to the wealthy. "Stability" instead of ending corporate welfare. "Stability" vs. civil rights. "Stability" is at odds with "change". As if sitting on a glacier watching the world go by at giga speed is "smart' and 'safe'. When true equality is labeled "radical", it's the "Stability" voters that are responsible, not the change voters. "Stability" is fine, but it's politically used as a dog whistle. It makes everyone relax a little. It's a way to slow down change.

    Well, look what we've created? The kids grow up one generation after the next after the boomers. Each one a little more engaged than the next. Well, this next generation was raised by the internet. Not by stay at home parents. It was teachers, daycare and the internet. That's who has raised this last generation. They see things much differently that the "stability" generation of voters. The previous generations as well to some degrees. But as long as 70 and 80 year olds are all we vote for, that's what we'll get. A shot of Levittown in the bum to inoculate us against change.

    It'll NEVER be stable until things change...Never. That's why "stability" is on the ballot.

  5. Now that is a fine post, STO. Perhaps the best you've ever done. My compliments.
    I do still prefer Mrs. Rice, but, now that it's Kamala, I'm warming up to the ideal she represents, but, hopeful she'll turn back the rhetoric. People misconstrue those things, and she just became very, very influential, since Biden will win in a landslide. Or, rather, foolishness always loses in landslides.
    We're in the process of having months of "debates" turned into just a few weeks, a unique pushing and shoving compressed into word-bites thrown up (correct imagery) just before people "walk into the polling booths", the internet version of illegal electioneering at the polling booth. NOTHING is illegal in the current and unbelievable internut era, proven by a chilling realization that shopping malls will soon become Bezos unpaid-for pick-up points (gee! stores are opening again!?). It's the Bill-ionaires dream to get a cut of every transaction in the U.S., and they are achieving it! Only a few Bill-ionaires, that is. If you list the ones you know, you'll likely be correct.
    As for the next generation, understand that even Bill-ionaires die, sometimes I think Warren already has. For the young, be suspicious when he hit 100 yrs. old, even now he's 89 (think he's all there?). Remember, he's pledged to give half away (?), half to his company, half to his stockholders, and the half left-over he's pledged to "Bill". Foolishness loses in landslides, but realize who the fools actually are!!

  6. seeker of wisdom and truthAugust 16, 2020 at 10:17 AM

    The Russian people have always depended on an autocratic government to rule their nation. The tsars and the communist leaders ruled with an iron fist and the rest of society relied on their power to maintain control. There was a brief period of "glasnost" when their governing body superficially experimented with a limited introduction of democracy that soon was abandoned under Putin's demand for a return to absolute autocracy.

    I believe the Russian citizens are a very unhappy and long suffering society. They live in constant fear of their leaders who enjoy extravagant luxury while they receive a meager pittance. Of course, those who join the "party" can receive a greater share by "ratting" on their fellow citizens who oppose the government. (Big Brother is watching).

    The "current occupier" of our White House zealously desires the conversion of our precious and hard won democracy to anoint him as Autocrat in Chief for Life. The sacrifices of all the patriotic American citizens in our 230+ year history must be honored by rejecting overwhelmingly his self-serving greedy and evil plot.

  7. "We're in the process of having months of "debates" turned into just a few weeks,..."

    I'm leaning towards no debates. Drumpf and Igor are not going to want to spend an hour debating team Vanilla. They are better of with ads and rallies. JMO...I could be wrong, hope I'm wrong. I'd love to see it.

    As for malls closing...

    That's business in a capitalistic military state of a dying society who refused to plant trees they'll never sit under and still feel the same about that, if not stronger.

    Northgate is being completely renovated free of charge to the taxpayer. THEN!? They will pay taxes on premium property into perpetuity. PLUS!? All the shops around and in that facility will flourish. PLUS!? Light rail. PLUS!? It's will keep a few kids off the streets. That's added value if I ever saw it and the way business should be run.

    You can't expect everyone to pave the road in gold. Business people...Bailed out every other year to only get bailed out again and again. Innovation/Negotiation gave us OVG. Vanilla gives us what we got now. Nice and comfy. Not rockin' the boat. Bezos, the richest man in the world pays zero in taxes. Jeff Bezos is not the American dream. A house, 2 kids and a car is the American dream (re: wealth) Jeff Bezos is what's wrong with America and also the fault of people who voted their lives and the rest of our lives away with them. They destroyed many lives, mine included. Surviving in America. That's the majority in America. Barely making ends meet. Food banks. Skyhigh rent. Evictions. Crappy schools. No safety nets. Jail'em all (blacks/people of color).

    As for whether they give their money away or not really doesn't matter. Their names will be all over everything to glorify their complete destruction. I can't be bought in any way shape or form. People complain about politicians being bribed, then will praise them when they get a job or a tiny check of their own. Relax, no worries. Be content for a second until I dictate otherwise. Then we'll drive you back to the mines.

  8. And lo and behold...The complacency I was just commenting on earlier.
    A neat Lincoln coinkydink, he did another ad today.

  9. Lincoln Project ad...

    People say Biden is on a quick dimmer and not on the ball. I honestly see very little of it. I think he tries too hard. When Joe is relaxed he's much much sharper. When he's on a tight leash, he freezes up a little. Gets a little tense. He's too guarded. Now that Kamala is on the scene, she can take the reigns and prosecute the case against Drumpf. She will do the job congress failed to do when they had that orangey blob like thing. Make him testify. Make Pence and Drumpf testify.

    That's why I say there will never be a debate. Here's what Drumpf says and what his followers feverishly lap up. Seriously, they all have fevers now...Is this God's curse? The Confederacy is going to be saturated with Covid. I say we close our borders. As an extra buffer to our friends up north. These people believe anything. Here's why.

  10. Bernie's DNC speech. I'll be paying close attention to Biden and policy.

  11. It's Biden running against Trump, but what's interesting to me is he's a foregone conclusion, what we're actually voting for is Ms. Harris. Trump has no equivalent, Pence is what he is (:-).
    It must be quite a feeling for her, little doubt our nation thinks of her as the what will be the first female president, and the first Indian president, and, obtw, she's black too, though that takes some work to realize. I would dearly love to see her present her parents in the next few months, as I think that would be the best way for people to understand the beauty of our great nation, how we have the opportunity to "marry" the diversity of the world to lead us to perfection. No other country can that be accomplished, can it? I've played the possibilities many times, but can only come up with a few who seem to have that ability. But, then, even the best of them, Canada, is actually "headed" by the Queen of England.
    So, pop quiz, what country (or countries) "out there", of the 209 or so that exist in this world, have the ability for the people to elect the diversity presented by our Democratic Party?

  12. Don't you love Convention week!?!?! Ballons, straw hats, "Hiz Honner's" finest "Preserving the disorder"?? Hmmm, strange, seems like nobody's actually in the convention hall...
    Just a tip, heard PGICOTUS signed Tracy Chapman to sing "Fast Car" for "entrance" music next week..


  13. Lincoln Project DNC coverage

  14. Was pleased to hear Ms. Harris speak of her mother, who chose to come to our great country. And, do people know her father also came to our great country by choice?
    One from far, one from near, and both excelled in what they did! Both are published even!
    And Ms. Harris, and her sister Maya, both excel as well in our great country!
    People should concentrate on that this election, it would be great for our country to focus on all those things that make us better, rather than those things that tear us down.
    We've had too much of what tears us down for awhile.
    In a few year, we've had enough for many lifetimes.
    There's joy in this world, too, and one doesn't even need to look to find it.
    It's everywhere!
    (only a few brief months left...very few months. We'll soon be measuring it in weeks...)


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