Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Voting Rights: Now Or Never


This really needs saying: If Democrats blow up Senate rules, millions of Americans will cease to have a voice in the Senate. Entire states would be shut out. Top Dems have floated breaking the rules for years now. This isn't about new voting laws. It's about silencing voters who inconvenience Democrats.

Okay, maybe I should have put quotation marks around the words following “saying,” because they’re not mine, they’re Mitch “I’m not a hypocrite, YOU are” McConnell’s, tweeting about Democrats’ desire to modify filibuster rules to allow a vote on ensuring fair elections for ALL voters. It needs saying so everyone understands his mendacious hypocrisy.

McConnell wrote that, after silencing voters who elected President Obama when it came to his ability to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. Who circumvented the filibuster to pack the court with rightwing ideologues intent upon silencing most American voices on women’s health choices, environmental regulations, and more; and who, by gutting the Voting Rights Act, allowed the silencing of minority voters around the country. Challenging belief in divine agency, Malignant Mitch wasn’t immolated as he fingered his screen.

Even without the filibuster, current Senate makeup allows the silencing of a large majority of voters, as the Republican half represents over forty million fewer Americans than the Democratic half. But it’s worse than that: the two Dakotas, for example, have a combined population of less than two million, and they have four senators; all of them Republicans. California, with over forty million people, has two, both Democrats. It’s unlikely our mostly-wise founders foresaw that level of inequity.

By requiring a sixty-vote supermajority to get anything debated, much less voted upon, the filibuster compounds that structural inequity, giving control to an even more skewed minority of voters. The will of the majority has disappeared in remnants of Parchment Age compromises. A post-Civil War concoction, the filibuster isn’t in the Constitution, and was, until Mitch, rarely undertaken. For one thing, it originally required Mr. Smithing, round the clock. Now, McConnell has only to wink. 

Using the filibuster as a sledgehammer, he’s fracturing the foundation of democracy. Which raises fundamental questions: in a democratic republic, what is the obligation of the winners of elections to the losers? To what are voters entitled when their preferences were disfavored by the majority? Isn’t their party’s Constitutional recourse – if they believed in democracy, which today’s Republicans don’t – either to rethink their message or to convince more voters they’re right? As opposed to (paraphrasing here) “silencing voters who inconvenience them?” That’s precisely what they’re doing in filibustering voting rights.

Average Americans have another option: electing the party that would improve their lives, instead of the one that refuses even to produce a platform. That promises only to punish Democrats if they win congressional majorities. Misplaced revenge, not policy. Lucky voters!

To understand the differences between Democrats and today’s Republicans, one need only rise above the Foxotrumpian fog. Ds believe in facilitating voting for ALL qualified citizens, without prejudice, their party or not. Rs have been doing everything they can to ensure only its preferred voters have easy access; and doing so “with surgical precision,” as a judge said in striking down North Carolina’s blatant exclusion of racial minorities.

Two bills await Senate votes: the Freedom to Vote Act and John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Both had bipartisan support in the House, where simple majority prevails. Neither contains rules that disfavor nor target any legal voters, or aren’t already in place, fraud-free and fair, in several states, including ours. Republicans, Democrats, truly equal access. How, well, democratic!

It’s only because their top-heavy plans are rejected by most Americans that Republicans fear free elections. Readers should learn what’s in the bills, to see if they find anything unfair. Here’s a place to start.

Being history’s most reviled as fraudulent, despite being shown, countless ways, countless times, to have been the cleanest, the election of Joe Biden makes the Republican game clear as a conman’s combover. Using every time-tested method of right-wing mind control at their disposal, they justify democracy-killing efforts by convincing the gullible that America’s exceptionally secure electoral systems are, in fact, rife with fraud. It’s a first-order, world-class lie. (Notably, of the insignificant handful of deliberately fraudulent ballots cast, nearly all were by Republicans.)

If it’s unfair to accuse Republicans of hating democracy, we’ll soon know. So far, they’ve only had to vote on cloture. When it comes to yay or nay on democracy itself, will any, belatedly, reject Trump’s big lie, standing for principle over party, democracy over Donald? Aye, there’s the rub meeting the road.


  1. There's a prime example of the effect of Foxotrumpian Fog in The Herald today. A letter writer is anticipating Republican legislation to improve election security at all levels as a consequence of the "Lindell Cyber-Symposium".

    I had completely missed the news of last year's Lindell Cyber-Symposium, so I had to research it. But even without knowledge of that event, there is no way on Earth that anything the My Pillow Guy orchestrates would be of any consequence beyond a handful of pillow stuffing. As I expected, I learned that it was handfuls alright but from a horse, not a pillow. The letter writer has no idea. He's so deep into the fog.

    We saw another fine example of Foxotrumpian Fog on Tuesday from the fog machine himself. I'm referring to the Steve Inskeep interview with Trump. Challenged by Inskeep, Trump resorted to his typical BSing: "Well, if you look at this, if you look at that, if you look at this, ..." He does that all the time. He spews that phrasing without any facts or knowledge — because it's obvious he has absolutely none — confident that his incurious followers will assign great credibility to his lying mouthings.

    It was sweet to see the tough, ignorant Trumpian fog machine runaway, runaway from Inskeep's onslaught! What a wimp and coward!

  2. So I have had the chance to deep dive into this 1/6 thing with the new charges. FAN REQUEST: (Here's hoping Doc does a piece on the new charges combined with old evidence gathered so far)

    Now that puffy Col. Klink has been charged with sedition,(and it's about time yes?) we can truly say that anyone who supports them is a traitor.

    Now then...

    We have a problem. A big problem. About 1/3 of Americans sized problem. That's how many traitors we have in America, and who knows how many abroad. We are being attacked from within and throughout. The evidence is clear. They are continuing to attack America and plan to continue.

    Wouldn't it be cool to have public trials? Put them all on the stand. Make them speak directly to everyone they tried to screw over and kill. Let those victims(us) hear those words from their perpetrators. Wouldn't that be a great way at detouring further nonsense of all varieties and methods? We'd call it...

  3. Part: 2

    *PILOT E-1*
    "Nuremburg 'mercahn style".

    It'd be like the show...

    "Contestant Number One, introduce yourself to our lovely bachelorette(usa)..."

    "high 'mercah, I'm puffy Col. Klink and I don't really stink"

    Bachelor #2?

    "Hellholle 'mercah, My name is Qanon shammy and they call me #2...and they all say I smell funny, but it's just a muskie love sent that women enjoy! I have a million followers! Mercahhhhh!" Woot woot woot"

    Bachelor #3 Hello America, I'm Mike and everyone loves me..."

    KEEL HIM!!!!! And then HANG HIM!!!!!THE KEEL and HANGerooski!!!! RAWR!

    ...and now a word from our sponsors...

    It'd go something like that, only a bit more cringy, if that's even possible. I mean, is that not 'must watch' TV for "both sides"?

    Now think back...

    This 1/6 deal was a contest between undermanned and outgunned cops vs. The opposite, with the exception of a few traitorous cops.(maybe that was the "different assignments" those other do nothing cops were talking about?)


    All the planning and preparations went for not. They had a plan. Executed it pretty well and still didn't get it done. Had real pros had the exact same circumstances. They'd have succeeded. I'll say it again...and please understand that this is the honest truth. 1/2 of congress would be dead and Pence swinging from the balcony.

    It wouldn't be some unarmed women crawling through a small hole to get into the room getting shot dead. It'd be a door breach the likes of which that pansy ass militia has apparently never seen. It'd be one breach after another. So fast it'd make your head spin.

    It would have been a massacre. Overthrow the gubbmint? I seriously doubt it. But a mass casualty event for sure. There's no doubt in my mind.

    Thank goodness these backwoods hillbillies don't have a lick of brains. We'd have seen a massacre that day.

    Again, we should be thankful these people suck so bad. Bad training is almost worse than none at all. Bad character doesn't help the mission at all. It can keel a mission and everyone attending.

    A pro has great training. Great character.

    Notice I didn't say "equipment". Training and character. That is simply why America is heads above others. Then with the wind at our backs at all times because we live in America and benefit from the resources. We are the great melting pot. THAT is the difference.

    There's no requirement to be white in the real world. Just in the armchair professional ranks is that a thing. Like Hulk Hogan professional rastlin'.

    The professionals weed out the racists. Notice how cops tend to be blind to that? Thus, I do not count them as true pros. They lie frequently and often as practice. Again, unprofessional. It all leaks into the same waste drain and comes out the pipe as an insurrection on the other end. Every bit of unprofessionalism comes together to make the larger problem and if not repaired, can destroy everything in its path till a professional in a profession fixes it.

    What we do as people on an everyday basis matters. It matters as a collective. Our feelings and thoughts makes a big difference. But it's an "old men planting trees" kinda deal. You may never see or hear the difference, but a difference is being made. Kinda like "thoughts and prayers" only more practical. Like trees make noise when they fall in 100% of all cases. And for the record...Bears can poop anywhere they like. They are bears,

  4. Robert Kennedy

    "Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live."

  5. This comment thread was quickly shut down after 545 comments. This is a golden chunk of common good. A real assessment and more importantly, a real solution! The problems and solutions are gonna sound a bit familiar.
    What is the solution? What does it look like? What does it require? Now who's been doing this all along and who has not. There, is that red line. Big, bold and bright red line.

    Perry Bacon- "The problem with performative centrism"

    "A third explanation is that, consciously or unconsciously, centrist institutionalists believe the radicalism of the Republican Party is overstated. Centrist institutionalists are often male, upper-income White residents of blue states. Such people did fine when Trump was president, and they aren’t likely to be directly affected if the Supreme Court makes it harder to vote or get an abortion. If the United States moves to one-party Republican rule, those Democrats who haven’t been all that critical of the GOP will fare best."

    "But I think the most important explanation is simple elitism. Institutionalists worked hard to enter America’s bipartisan elite,and they value that status. Admitting that the Supreme Court has become highly partisan would diminish Breyer’s 27 years there. Admitting that the main divide in the legal world is between conservatives and liberals, not super-smart people and those who aren’t quite as smart, isn’t that useful for a Harvard law professor. Media outlets could lose influence if frank coverage of Republican radicalism cost them access to GOP officials.

    Here’s the big problem with all this performative centrism: Real harm is being done. It’s harder to push for changes to the Supreme Court when one of the liberal justices is playing down the danger. It’s harder to get political journalists to adapt to the radicalism of the GOP when some of the most prominent figures in the field suggest that covering Republicans honestly amounts to left-wing activism. It’s harder to prevent false information from reaching millions of Americans when the leaders of the biggest social media companies aren’t fully committed to that cause.

    Throughout the Trump era, a pattern has played out over and over: Those in the center or on the left, often women and people of color, warn that Republicans are about to take a radical step. They are cast as alarmist by institutionalists. Republicans take that radical step. The pattern repeats."

  6. FINNALLLLY! The argument FOR mocking people who were publicly antivaccination. 2/3 agree with him. I am among the 2/3 obviously. I have a unique way of words to get my point crossed the finish line. This guy has a more printable way of saying

    But yeah man. It's a teaching moment that uses humiliation as a lever.


    FINALLY! A good cop stops a bad cop! OMG!

    Cop CHOKED OUT By Sergeant For Intervention

  8. Thank GAWD we did let this guy anywhere near the WH. I mean he's too old and socialist. Right?

    Thank goodness we have milk toast for the masses. It's very moderate. Be patient, let's talk some more. What's the problem again? Moving on to the next thing...

    That's what we got today...Anyone but Drumpf. That's how Hillary lost. This is how the entire party goes under. It's OK, it won't affect the wealthy and well connected.

  9. Part one...

    "The gap between Manchin and Sinema on policy in a narrowly divided Senate makes it nearly impossible to win over both, leaving each of them empty-handed — along with the rest of their caucus. And the one thing that really links them — their shared devotion to the filibuster — in turn means that they can effectively deflect blame for that lack of progress. It’s not that the two of them are at odds with each other, you see — it’s that the rest of the party is too unwilling to compromise with Republicans on bipartisan initiatives."

    Does anyone at this point NOT think that Man-chin and Enema are working hand in glove with the alt right? All those late nights on his yacht schmoozing with the alt right people?

    Isn't it convenient that their requests butt heads? Isn't it a fact that both have a bunch of alt right whack jobs as voters? Isn't it true their interests mirror the alt right?

    I could go on but...We all know what time it is.

    I told y'all they'd do nothing. That they were lying the whole time. Since day one. Then they uncoupled the bills and gave the corporate give away to the corporate dems. and the entire alt right. Seems like the alt right got exactly everything they wanted w/o cutting the "cost and scope" of jack nothing. They wrote their own laws. But people complain about the progressives?

    Um, OK, but I looked at Biden's Quinnipiac poll numbers at 33% and thought. "Yup, good-bye Democracy." Biden has so pissed off the base that he's gonna get massacred next election. He will take the entire party down with him too. Watch what happens. Biden/Harris will get blown completely off the map. I refuse to "settle" anymore and so does a lot of other folks. I am not voting for Biden ever again or any other corporate Dems. The "centrists" are actually alt right hand maidens. Good thing we put a "moderate" into office.

  10. Part 2

    The fact is this...People are flat pissed off and don't give a rats tail what passes from here on out. A watered down voting rights bill will be the nail in the coffin.

    Fact is this...These exact same people have crapped on me for 50 years. Same with the rest of everyone else who struggles to make it day to day living in poverty. Child poverty was cut by 40% with the extra money for the kids. But Man-Chin is against that. Back to the struggle. Drive them back to the mines!!!

    Just tired of stupid people. Trying to please everyone will piss everyone off. Hello? Or is that not a social faux pas any longer? I missed the memo I guess. Now it's a virtuous position. Oh yeah, it's a joke and we are the butt of it.

    I think all we need is one more liberal boomer to die on the SCOTUS to seal Americas fate for 50 more years minimum...I do mean minimum. We all know that the confirmation will be blocked or stolen or just croak in 2024 when Biden/Harris steal the nomination with the same conspiracy used last election. Corporate dems. decided Bernie was going to win if they didn't all back Biden. Why? Because they are corporate dems. and it is in THEIR best interests.

    So I am saying no. I don't care what Biden does from here. I will never vote for a corporate Dem. again. None of them down to 6th grade student council. Gotta watch them. Gotta get rid of them as fast and thoroughly as possible. If that means putting a completely corrupt moron in charge like Drumpf, oh well. Put these morons into every state I could care less. Maybe these "moderate voters" will finally get the picture. The dems. ain't reached rock bottom yet apparently and are too stupid to see it all. Then refuse to believe it when someone warns them. Fine, but I am done swallowing my principles, ideals and dignity for some ancient relic of a long gone era who only cares about his friendships and the rest who only care about their wallet and position of power.

    Well folks, there's gonna be people like me. A lot of people like me. Enough for a complete wipeout in 2024. The table is already set. If Joe Biden runs again. We will probably lose the entire country. It's that simple. Progressives are tired of platitudes and broken promises. Sick of it. Fact is, the folks in charge have been in charge far too long. But when you pick your voters vs. voters picking candidates, this is exactly what you get. A whole lotta voters saying "GET OUT OF THE WAY!"

  11. And here is Bernie's idea? Which makes more sense? Joe Biden and his "friends" or Bernie's plan/strategy?

    Here’s what that course correction would look like, per the Guardian:

    "Sanders called on Joe Biden and the Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, to push to hold votes on individual bills that would be a boon to working families, citing extending the child tax credit, cutting prescription drug prices and raising the federal hourly minimum wage to $15.

    Such votes would be good policy and good politics, the Vermont senator insisted, saying they would show the Democrats battling for the working class while highlighting Republican opposition to hugely popular policies. …

    Sanders, chairman of the Senate budget committee and one of the nation’s most prominent progressive voices, said, “People can understand that you sometimes don’t have the votes. But they can’t understand why we haven’t brought up important legislation that 70 or 80% of the American people support.”

    Wow, revolutionary idea...Pffft...

  12. Wealth of 10 richest men doubled in pandemic as 99% of incomes dropped: Oxfam
    While 99% of the globe's income fell, billionaires "had a terrific pandemic."

    Gee, seems like the hits just keep comin'. I wonder when everyone's gonna get a clue. There's no chance this happens under progressive leadership. Not a snowballs chance in the alt right kitchen.

  13. And another thing!

    The reason why Man-Chin and Enema are opposed to the filibuster reform?

    Because, only the Dems. are handcuffed, but not the alt right. They are in lock step. So reconciliation is a one way door. It only swings for the alt right and not the Dems. Funny how when corporate giveaways are on the menu, everyone is at the trough. That's always been the case. It's just now they are greedy and think it's too late because banks etc. are too big to fail. Nice work to all those who voted us into the grave.

  14. This is terrifyingly real...The people threatening others watch OAN and AON is putting peoples phone numbers on the air and encouraging their viewers to call these people.

    So OAN is doxing now. Ain't that great?

  15. This may or may not have anything to do with the subject.

    The Supervised Society started in earnest in 1972. It's gained steam ever since. But things are changing now. A new generation of fighters has been born and raised in a living Hell.

    This is a major reason America is messed up. It needs to change. We need to change. We all need to fix it.


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