Thursday, January 27, 2022

Newtron Bomb

Other than Saint Ronnie of the Trickle-down, there’s none in the bleak history of “modern” Republicanism more responsible for its turn to the politics of destruction than Newt Gingrich. The false promises of his “Contract [On] America” aimed directly at the buttons of resentment, and his
cynical instructions to R candidates on the use of inflammatory words to win elections have become the grist of their grift ever since.

Even after (or maybe because of) being censured and disgraced, by a bipartisan 88% of Representatives for ethics violations as Speaker, Gingrich enjoys favored status on Fox “news” and other purveyors of right-wing falsehood and lofty dudgeon. 

Letting the catastrophe out of the bag, his latest dissociative discourse foreshadowed not only the peril of Republican control of Congress, but how lost he is in the forests of fantasy. Said he, of the members of the January 6 investigation panel: “… [T]his is all going to come crashing down … they’re the ones who in fact, I think, face a real risk of jail for the kinds of laws they’re breaking … they’re running over people’s civil liberties. And what they need to understand is on 4 January next year, you’re going to have a Republican majority in the House and a Republican majority in the Senate. And all these people who have been so tough, and so mean, and so nasty are going to be delivered subpoenas for every document, every conversation, every tweet, every email.”

“Nasty.” Said Newt, owner of rights to the word. Gets a nickel whenever it’s used.

He chose not to enumerate the “laws they’re breaking,” nor was he asked to by his Foxian host. Because there are none. Because investigating a deadly attempt to overturn a fraud-free, certified election is what, among other protective actions, Constitutional duty demands.

It's true, though, that laws are being broken as the panel does its work: ignoring lawful subpoenas, Trump’s mobsters are refusing to cooperate, as Republicans and their media darlings rejoice in their scornful lawlessness. Hillary’s emails deserve eternal inquiry, but not organized sedition, pre-planned at the highest of levels of government. Gingrich wants Republicans to run on that.

Not one to share the spotlight, nor to be outdone, Trump weighed in, accusing the January 6 panel of being “vicious,” because “they’ll go after children,” referring to their requested audience with FORTY-YEAR-OLD daughter Ivanka. Mysteriously, he didn’t mention his own and his party’s “going after” the child Hunter Biden. Slipped his mind, probably. As to what’s left of what some still consider a mind, and not to pile on or anything, that video of him encouraging applause is pretty pathetic. Almost makes one feel sad for him. So desperately needy. 

It’s being reported Newt’s unwise counsel is still sought and accepted by Republican Congressional leaders. How great for America. If returned to majority status, they’ll continue to do what they’ve been doing in the minority: nothing. Not legislating, anyway, except, undoubtedly, more top-heavy tax cuts and deregulation. They’ll spend their time “investigating” Democrats for doing what preservation of our democratic republic demands. They’d deserve investigation if they weren’t.

(Side bet: If Mitch McConnell becomes Senate Majority Leader again, how long before he abouts his double-face and bans the filibuster?)

To the NY AG, Eric Trump pleaded the Fifth 500 times; Trump’s lawyer Eastman, 146 times to the January 6 panel. Alex Jones, "Almost a hundred." Witch-hunts? No “there” there? The Trumps have always been a crime family. Criminals attracting criminals.

At the end of the Trump administration, seeing voter suppression laws sprouting in red states like poison mushrooms, and the naked attempts of a major political party to overthrow a legitimate election with virtually no pushback from its members, the little-known but well-respected Center for Systemic Peace, which studies and evaluates governments around the world, judged the US to have “dropped below the democracy threshold,” qualifying, instead, as “anocracy,” with “a high risk of political instability.”

Who can argue otherwise? Trumpists and many Republicans have been predicting or calling for civil war. And passing legislation allowing legislators in red states to reverse disliked election outcomes. For what it’s worth, at the end of 2021, after a year of the Biden presidency, the Center placed the US back in the democracy column. At the level of Brazil. One can hope it’s a trend.

But if voters let Newt, Trump, Ted, Rand, Kevin, Mitch, Ron, Jim, Marjorie, Mark, Lauren, Tucker, Laura, Sean … have anything to say about it, it won’t be for long. Authoritarianism is their goal. They’ve all but promised it.


  1. "The Democrats are flooding my inbox again."

    "It’s my own fault, really. In the sheer panic surrounding the 2020 election, I was a donating machine and wasn’t very shy about sharing my email, address, or my phone number — or my credit card number. Now, I am paying the price. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) just texted me to let me know that she’s endorsed Texas’s Jessica Cisneros for Congress and that I should give Jessica $27."
    "If I’m honest, the panic of the 2020 election has subsided in me. And now, the Democrats are just on my nerves. I have learned, over time, not to expect much in the way of change while they are in office. My contributions to them both in dollars and in votes are tantamount to holding a crucifix in front of a vampire. Not a permanent solution. Just a way of keeping the monster at bay."

  2. This is the element we are dealing with. Radical alt right losers looking for belonging. They are oppressed, but they have no idea who it is that's doing it. They blame everything not white. It's actually themselves and their representatives in Washington DC.

    I find it amusing that these people in their own words say this. before the KKK is was nothing. Had no direction. Now that I am in the KKK my marriage is better. Yet? They are ashamed to be in the KKK when it comes down to cases. And in the end leave the KKK over death threats. How ironic.

    But what you see is the underbelly of what we all see in broad daylight. All the dog whistle racism that's evolved into accepted political speech on the alt right. What you start to see in the 7 months this reporter was semi embedded, is that they are ashamed of who they are. Even the ones shoveling snow from their walkway in full regalia. When push comes to shove they hide who and what they are. Bad publicity said the Grand Idiot Cyclops wtf ever else his title is. The main dude is offended cuz a wannabe who is barely driving age raised his right hand in a Nazi salute for a photo with said one eyed cult leader. He scolded him and said the left hand is proper. Bad PR again being the reason. Then at the 5 month mark the reporter asks about his group being a hate group. The Grand Idiot denies that. The reporter points to a noose patch on his nitey nite gown. The idiot says "It's just a symbol" over and over when pressed with the "it's nuthin'" facial and body language. "It's just a symbol" he says repeatedly. Well, the Nazi flag is a symbol. So is the Nazi salute. There's publicly approved symbols and privately approved symbols. The sooper moron with one eye asked them to edit the kid doing the Nazi salute.

    So yeah, it's in short. A real basic look at reality in the Confederacy. Not just the KKK but the people and culture. You won't see protests against them. You will see stupid kids in trucks suddenly pull over cuz some dude is on his lawn in purple lingerie yanking up the KKK flag before the school children come by on their bus to school.

  3. This is what life in West Virginia is like. This is Boone county specifically, but it's a nice fit for the rest of WV. If you look at Boone county WV on Google maps. look at the barren brown spots in the lush greens of the forest. It won't take you long to find coal ash ponds everywhere. The entire place is a dump.

    Politics? Yup, exactly what you'd expect from a county that's 98.53% white.

    Boone County voted Democratic in every presidential election from 1976 until 2012, when Republican Mitt Romney won over sixty percent of the vote in the process of becoming the first presidential candidate to sweep every county in the state. Also in 2012, in the state's Democratic primaries, Boone County was one of the West Virginia counties that voted for eccentric perennial candidate Keith Russell Judd, who at the time was still in prison on felony charges, over incumbent president Barack Obama.,_West_Virginia

    In their own words. "It don't matter how many hopes and dreams you have. They won't come true in Boone county." Funny how the hit pieces like "Seattle is Dying" on the Sinclair propaganda networks is big news on the alt right. But stuff like this is swept under the rug and blame is placed on "Coastal Elites" or brown people or brown foreigners. Anything not white that isn't coal is to blame. Like seriously. Look at the landscape and the utter destruction. They can't make anything. They don't create anything. They leech of of the planet and always have and always will. "It's their god given right". If they can't get slaves to do it. Or slave labor, it doesn't get done very much and when it does happen it is sub standard. It's the same in any state with "right to work" laws. The labor is worthless. Ask Boeing how it's werking out fur them? But hey! Those bathroom rules are frogs ass tight! We'll have no imposters in the ladies room!

    These are the people who want to start a revolution. These people are pretty typical. It's a epidemic that's out of control and has been for 50 years. The collapse of the coal industry and corrupt politicians. How do you even begin to reach these people with common sense? That's what we are up against. The problem MUST be dealt with. We, the sane and stable are the only thing in their way.

    The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

  4. @2:25 You'll see the IQ of these idiots exposed.

    Nazi's in broad daylight and Drumpf supporters!

  5. "Manchin delivers grim news for Biden's Build Back Better plan: 'It's dead'"


    I am shocked and appalled.
    Wait a sec...Forgot my pearls and right back...

    I AM shocked! AND appalled!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How stupid are we? We must be pretty damn stupid as I see it. How many times are we going to fall for Lucy and her mean trick? Seriously. How stupid are we?

    We keep fossils everywhere. Manchin is no exception. Have you seen the POTUS? I heard he popped his head out the other day and it's 6 more weeks of stupid for us lemmings.

    Here's facts...
    Joe and Sinema never intended to do a damn thing. They are bought and payed for. They are GOP in sheep's footy jammies. They are not Democrats. They are the "new version" of what fossils still call Democrats. I am old enough to remember the real Democrats. Ted Kennedy. Remember him? They ran LBJ out of office. Gee, I wunder why? No worries...We'll settle on a candidate and everyone will be happy and united at the Convention!

    That was the beginning of the end of the Democrats. All we ever got from there was Republican light. gee? Afraid of change much?

    Here's more fact...

    A progressive/socialist Democrat/Regular Democrats would have done better.

    Now, I hear you. "Bernie would have failed worse cuz nobody believes Manchin would sign!" "At least the 'moderates(see republican light) have a chance to get his vote!" Ummm...No, no , no and hard No. Manchin is bought and payed for by the right...Let's focus people.

    More facts...

    Bernie would not have split up the corporate giveaway bill from the peoples bill. They would never ever under ANY circumstances would allow the corporate giveaway to be voted on with a promise to vote on the other. NEVER EVER! UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! We can negotiate, but nothing is final until the people get theirs first! How hard is that???

    It's the same exact reason there's no union support. Tiered pay systems that protect the boomers for a while. But subject the next generations to crappy wages and no benefits and eventually no unions. How's them crappy wages working for us now? How's that shredded safety net working? Must be nice having pensions. A home. A car. Social Security on top of that. You say "Sure, but not everyone has that." True, but at least there was an opportunity for free state college education, room and board payed as well. There was opportunity everywhere. Not so much today.


    The bottom has fallen out. Using the Earth as a credit card. Turns out we won't have a planet as a result. I mean who'd have guessed? People are mean, dishonest and selfish. Why do we have to feed that? Why can't we maintain a virtuous cycle instead of a destructive one? Lack of change and human nature is my answer.

  6. Here we go...Factual evidence falls into my lap...This is how we treat people. We beat the crap outta them in every way possible. 100K in debt before they even leave school. Forget ever owning a house. Ever having anything to save for retirement. Have no chance to buy stocks at all ever. NOBODY BUT THE RICH is able to sustain any semblance of wealth.

    Here's what politicians have done to everyone and everyone went along to get along at the sacrifice of their kids future period end of story.

    This "Pull up your boot straps(AKA make an honest effort at life) is impossible for about 99% of 'murcah. Where the minority rules. Nice job everyone. WTG! We got a violent insurrection appeasing the right and the right is full of white fossils. I can't see how progressives were EVER a part of this crap. EVAR!

  7. Here's how the wealthy think of us peasants. We are not worth much. "Unskilled"...OK...Everything is a beatdown. Knowing there's no way the poor can fight them in court. Doesn't have "connections" on and on.

  8. Here's our kids take on it. They are imagining things right?

  9. This is a favorite series of mine...It's "America's Time" w/Peter Jennings narrating.

    This IMO is Thee time 'mercah went sideways and has never recovered. Not even after WW2. This time between 1920-1929. A minute before the Great Depression. The first real self inflicted wounds are during this time and then simply refined over time. 30 billion dollars was wiped out instantly and it crippled the nation. Today it's trillions. But the foundations and frameworks for the permanent future was being formed and executed on mass scale. Radio and the automobile caused rural areas to collide with the new electricity of lights, sky scrapers and appliances. Different religions and customs. To the average N. Korean...I mean 'mercahn boondocks, it was terrifying, and for a few exciting enough to move north.

    The Civil War while important. Was IMO an end to the old ways and a new more sophisticated version emerges and has not changed till this day. The invention of the dog whistle. It was not widespread. There was the south and the north. Radio and the car changed that whole thing into something else more effective and still in existence today. Today Civil War is basically impossible. That's the main difference.

    Prohibition and the war on drugs are the exact same thing. Banks are too. Business as well. The KKK vs. Darwin. It all happened in the 1920's. Saying humans all share ape genes was illegal in TN. Poof! The KKK is born again. Halle friggin' luiah, praise Jesus. Jesus loves the KKK.

    The point is for the first time 'mercahn's of all different stripes listened to the same radio. "Everyone" had a car to drive longer distances. America was communal for the first time. And immediately starting persecuting people who are not "natives". The actual Natives got a taste of genocide. They still ain't recovered.

    People jumped to their deaths over losing their money. Gee, try suffering everyday for your entire life. The fact is this. They KNOW how their friends treat the poor and talk about the poor. They disparage them, just like today. Women got he right to vote after 81 years. Nothing much has changed there either. Women are second class citizens.

    Everything after this period in time...Was a result of the foundation layed before it.

  10. Nice - saw your post on wapo. Same same


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