Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Too Much To Take

I almost passed on writing a column this week. Thinking hard enough about our political future to put it into writing is becoming depressing. For example: how can Hershel Walker be deadlocked with Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s senate race? Is it because Trump endorsed him? If so, then how, after all the criminality roiling around the former “president,” can his imprimatur still be influential?

The latest news about the ex-football player’s personal life doesn’t matter to Trump, for obvious reasons. As to the ex-football player’s denial, who can doubt the word of a man who graduated at the top of his college class, spent years in law enforcement, and runs four hospitals? He says. His son says, “Family values, people? He has four kids with four different women, and he wasn’t in the house raising one of them. He was out having sex with other women…” 

Senate Republicans and “pro-life” groups have made it clear they’re with him no matter what. So is Mitch McConnell’s super-PAC. Of course they are: they stopped caring long ago about qualifications or expectation of positive contribution to America. They’d support a spawning salmon if it’d give them a majority, enabling their undoing of democracy. Say what you want about libs, they’ve never put forward such unseriousness for senator. Not since LBJ drove Southern Democrats into Republican arms. Even Ronald Reagan would be ashamed.

Curious to see how well Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor John Fetterman speaks after his stroke, I participated (i.e., made a contribution) in a Zoom meeting on Monday, with him and Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, the latter of whom is running against Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson, regularly referred to as America’s dumbest senator. Fetterman did fine; stumbled on a word here and there, but not to any dramatic degree. And Barnes can hold his own anywhere. I hope their debates are streamed.

If it’s possible that a domestically-violent, unqualified, campaign-coached, debate-canceling ex-football player can defeat smart, informed, dedicated incumbent Senator Warnock, the prospect of Mr. Oz the snake-oil-selling, charlatan doctor representing the cradle of our democracy is even worse. To this fellow surgeon, anyway. An unabashed quack dealer, he’s another who has much in common with Trump. An embarrassment. Seriously. Watch this video.

And Ron Johnson: in favor of banning abortion with no exceptions. If women don’t like it, he says, they can move. Laughed off January 6, saying the protestors “did teach us all how you can use flag poles.” Became the slippest Freudian, ever. A hardcore, Trump-excusing election denier, he had this to say about Covid vaccines: “Why do we think that we can create something better than God in terms of combatting disease?” No doubt many voters, alive thanks to creations of medical science against God-created diseases, are thinking the same.

It matters. If Washingtonians can’t vote for the better candidates in Georgia or Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, we can consider what their nomination tells us about today’s Republican party; and why it behooves any actual conservative, along with liberals, whose policies have repeatedly benefitted America, to refrain from supporting any Republican for federal office, until they abandon Trumpism.

Which includes our own, one of whose many misleading ads pushes the discredited lie about 87,000 IRS agents coming after the middle class. And who’s been unconservatively silent about Trump’s latest call for violence, echoed, from the same stage, by Margorie Taylor Greene, who makes the ex-football player seem more motherly than Theresa.

Democrats are planning to kill Republicans, said she, to applause, meaning it literally. Mitch McConnell has a death wish, said he, along with a racist comment about Mitch’s wife, also to applause. Given what January 6 insurrectionists said about Trump’s instigating words, someone might well feel called upon by their God-given idol to attack McConnell. Nary a word, except stumbling excuses, from Republican leaders. (MTG also warned that electric cars, which can leave gas cars in their dust, are [checks underwear] “emasculating.”)

Returning to our local lady, wouldn’t it be nice if political ads were prohibited from lying? Product ads are, after all. It’ll never happen as long as Republicans have the filibuster, because it’s all they have. They killed a bill to require revealing “dark money” donors, too, and Democratic bills protecting voting rights, among many others of benefit to us all. In my Zoom meeting, Mandela Barnes made a strong case for ending the filibuster, which makes a structurally unfair body even more so.

It’s too much to process. Demonizing the vulnerable, dehumanizing asylum-seekers. Overruling doctors and their patients, rejecting certified election results, endumbing education. MAGAfied candidates: Congress, governorships, secretaries of state, state legislatures, judges. If Trumpublicans win, that party – and maybe the country – is lost for generations.


  1. Great article as always Dr. Schwab. I really don't believe in polls all that much, but I do think in Georgia the only reason the overly concussed lying dimwit has a chance is because of how much new voter suppression they have going on there. Sadly that is the case a lot of places. My only correction to your article would be to change the word federal to any in "to refrain from supporting any Republican for federal office" I also think the Dems and any related PAC should be constantly asking in their commercials, on line, billboards, etc. if you, the voter, can afford to lose birth controls, social security, medicare, rights to abortion, rights to having your sex life remain private while also reminding everyone what they have gotten in real tangible results from everything that Biden and the Dem congress has delivered so far. Remind them that they really are going down the road to fascism etc. Remind them that the current trumpublicans re the RINOS, not the old style Republicans, as bad as they are.
    Also - MTG said Democrats have already started killing republicans - wish someone would call her on that and make her prove it.
    Dan from Colorado

  2. If anyone ever wonders about how stuck in 1920's they are. This is how they welcome progress.

    "(MTG also warned that electric cars, which can leave gas cars in their dust, are [checks underwear] “emasculating.”)"

    First was a gun rack couldn't fit(they actually fit no problemo) said Sarah (barely a brain cell" Palin.) Now they are emasculating. They will defy progress at all costs. because progress does not meld with their "way of life".

    Until 1/3 of their state is wiped out. Now they are all about "Build Back Better". It's that other a hole Desantizer that'll take credit as he sneers behind Biden's back at every photo op.

    This is how they deal with progress. Build me a dwelling that 300 MPH winds won't touch. Then a 400MPH and jack it up in the air 10 feet for me please. OH! And fahget about your school levies as well on the new taxes we will whine about later.

    As for the "move if you don't like it" part was said out loud. If it's minority rule forever. You got to run people out of your state to another while claiming THEIR tax dollars to meet those underfunded and over spent alt right states budgets.

    Obamacare? Fight it and claim to not want the money etc. Naw, that was too much money and it's about the grift in the end so...

    If the south can't be a blue state. That works for them. Everything is "States rights". It's absolutely criminal how "Me" has destroyed America. Free education AND piss on the levy when it suits you and the kids etc. Then piss on everyone once I am done. Kinda like unions.

    The "senior" employees get a certain pay scale and in order to keep that pay scale, they must sell out people who'll be hired from then on. So they do. And have. What's left? 31 trillion debt and a 20 year war and come back to divorces and foreclosed homes if they make it back at all. Most will die of suicide. 21 Vets a day commit suicide. Guns everywhere. Then complain about violence.

    Our kids, if they survive grade school will be left with 50 years of destruction.

    Nice work to everyone who's made millions of lives a struggle from which they never recover. The "American Dream" only works for a few and enslaves everyone else.

    The rich are afraid of 86K IRS employees and that's it. But by gawd that $22.00 extra money a week I will fight to the death to keep.

    That is their version of "progress".


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