Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Rhymes For The Crimes And The Times


It’s common at this time of year
To spread around holiday cheer.
Recount every reason
That during the season
A reader should shed ne’er a tear.

Ordinarily you know that I’d lust
To report on the ravings of Musk.
But it mustn’t be now
To be pointing out how
He’s becoming the elephant’s tusk.

Nor will I opine, though she’s scary
On the loser whose name starts with Kari.
I’ll not be lent ears
From my like-minded peers.
I come just to praise her not bury.

If I can’t always say something good
My mommy said clearly I should
Speak nothing at all
So I’m making the call
To say all the nice things I could.

On the day before night before gifts
I’ll not be promoting more rifts.
I’ll be nice as pie,
My thoughts aiming high
So readers won’t leave feeling miffed.

I won’t take us in the direction
Of Trump’s clear-as-day insurrection.
The holiday spirit
Demands that I gear it
Toward ignoring his claim of election.

A landslide he’s calling it still.
His cultists were itching to kill
The people with guts
To point out he’s nuts
And that facts to support him are nil.

But far be it from me now it’s Yule
To remind us of law and its rule.
Or the party of law
Dislocating its jaw
Lest words pass it that prove he’s a fool.

Our stockings I’ll hang by the fire.
And won’t be bogged down in the mire
Of politics mean
Nor sully the scene
Of hope and the dreams we aspire.

So as we approach Christmas eve,
Let us hold in our hearts and believe...

Okay, who am I kidding? Watching the final January Six Committee meeting, as they recounted the catalog of Trump’s crimes and those of his henchflock, I recalled how it all began with the contemptuous lie he pumped well before the election. Because, in his destitute mind, Donald, who knows more about everything than anyone, could only lose by massive fraud. It’s conceivable he actually believed it; it’s inconceivable that anyone still does.

The hearings presented compelling evidence; not from libtard, Trump-hating commies or members of an imaginary deep state, but from his own team, some of whom, unlike their boss, improbably believed in Constitutional democracy.

One after another, they confirmed that he knew he lost, had been told repeatedly that there was no fraud, that he didn’t care, that he reveled in watching besotted supporters incriminate themselves, on video, as they trashed our nation’s capital, bewitched into thinking they were “stopping the steal.” Ruining their lives for his lies.

The committee’s report is encyclopedic, and includes much more. Yet House Republicans are planning their own “investigation,” aimed at discrediting the current committee’s findings. Findings, we’ve seen, based on irrefutable facts and sworn testimony. Taking millions of Americans along for the ride, they’ll engage in unprecedented, party-wide abetting of criminality and corruption.

Trump lost a fraud-free election. He refused to accept it. He chose lawbreaking on multiple levels in multiple venues to overturn the will of the people, subvert the Constitution, and end what remained of democracy after four years of ignoring it. No American should tolerate it; none who accept the requirements of citizenship in a democratic republic. Which excludes every remaining Trumpist, every rightwing media star, and almost every Republican member of Congress. Confirming everything we’ve known about what’s become of that party, Liz Cheney, as reliably hardcore, far-right conservative as it gets, lost her job by a huge margin to an election denier. It’s Jonestown, but slower.

But, golly, we hear, it’s unprecedented to indict a former president. It’ll tear the country apart. It’ll be divisive. Really? How can we be more divided, how much aparter torn by defenders of Trump’s crimes? Of course it’s unprecedented, and we’re lucky it is. Until Trump, no president had conspired to overturn an election, to upend democracy with outrageous lies and deceit. Long term, the consequences for democracy of accepting this egregious “presidential” criminality are far greater than freeze-dried, just-add-water Trumpfoxian outrage over punishing it.

How sad at this holiday time
To dwell upon obvious crime
While those in Trump’s thrall
Are excusing it all.
Their justice is not worth a dime.

A palinode I’ll not out-dole
Nor mention the secrets Trump stole.
I know it’s the time
To stop making rhyme
And to help make our country be whole.

So no, I will not have us sup
Or drink from reality’s cup.
I’ll say what the hell,
Everything is just swell.
Trump’s down but we must let him up.

It’s Christmas, after all.

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  1. To Dr.Sid I say thanks
    Everything I now read
    I read like a Poem
    What the.........(lol)


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