Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Clichés Are So Last Year


Much as I try to avoid clichés, it oughta be a slam dunk. A no-brainer. Go without saying. Certain to be the nominee of the party of no “law” and unrelenting dis-“order,” Trump ought to be defeated by staggering numbers. Trump and Trumpism should be shown the door, wiped off the map, sent packing. The danger he represents is enormous. Nevertheless, in exceptional America, it’ll be a squeaker, a close shave. Nip and tuck.

Something I un-recommend for anyone whose mental stability is questionable (which includes me but I have commitments) is watching interviews of Trump supporters. It smacks gobs. Blows minds, beggars belief.

Without exception, they’re un- or misinformed on virtually everything. “Biden is destroying America.” How? “In lots of ways.” Can you be specific? “Well, I can’t think of any right now, but it’s true.” Have you heard of the CHIPS Act? “What’s that?” What about the Inflation Reduction Act, the infrastructure bill? Have you heard that Republicans who voted against them are taking credit for their successes? “The whats?” Are you aware inflation is at its lowest in years; same with unemployment? That our economy is the fastest growing on Earth? “Fake numbers.”

And, while Trump promises destruction of every foundational institution, the most counterfactual of all: “He loves America.” Along with, do you believe the election was stolen? “Absolutely.” But there’s no evidence, even by inspections commissioned by Trump. “We’re done here.”

In fairness, some mention the border, which remains a mess, as it’s been for decades. But they have no idea that, under Biden, there have been more interdictions of border-crossers and drugs than under Trump, by far. It’s a wide-open border, they insist, and nothing will disabuse them. Nor do they know that all Republicans but two voted against Biden’s border funding bill. Why? Because, other than the Big Election Lie, “wide open” is their go-to obfuscation.

It’s clear as day, sure as shootin’, that efforts to help Trumpists see the forest for the trees are wasted. Perhaps there are enough unpolluted conservatives and Republicans to outvote them. Which is why there’s a coordinated effort by wealthy right-wing donors to finance third parties like “No Labels” and self-deluded people like RFK, Jr., Jill Stein, and Cornell West. Right about only one thing in her political life, Liz Cheney, who knows better, is considering a run, too.

A vote for any is a vote for Trump, who’d lose on merit or policy. He’s running only for vengeance (and avoiding trials); getting it would be America’s downfall.

Also tipping the scale is nonstop “coverage” of Joe Biden’s age, from all sides, with scant mention of Trump’s obvious decline in mental acuity (which was never dazzling), and the fact that the more incoherent he becomes, the more disjointed, the more outrageous his lies, the more his cult loves hearing his mendacious balderdash. Horsepucky.

Granted, Joe isn’t a riveting speaker; he’s made embarrassing verbal gaffes throughout his career, and his struggles with stuttering compound the perception. But his accomplishments that benefit all Americans and the world are arguably greater than any prior president except FDR. Here’s more detail for those open to convincing.

Nor, as mentioned many times, is 2024 about Trump vs Biden: It’s about dictatorship vs democracy. Top to bottom (which is a very long way down) Trump and Congressional Republicans have made that undeniable. Trumpists, who have no idea, don’t care. As long as Trump keeps bashing the people and institutions they’ve been convinced to hate or fear, telling the lies they hunger for, whatever happens to our Constitution and the democracy it protects is hunky-dory. The cat’s meow. They’re clueless about what democracy entails.

Some might consider it hopeful that George Santos, as prolific a liar as Trump, more imaginative but less sinister, was booted from Congress. But it’s worth noting that a majority of Republicans, including every top leader, voted against expulsion. The same ones, no doubt, who’ll defend Trump, hand him matches as he burns the Constitution; stand by as he actually, not imaginarily, weaponizes our government as all dictators do: rounding up enemies, unleashing the DOJ, CIA and IRS on people and media who criticize him. He and his people are promising it. Already suffering MAGA wrath, most if not all of those who voted to remove Santos, will remain silent.

Proceeding with their vaporous, made-for-Fox, evidence-free impeachment of President Biden, Republicans provide hope. As their latest truckulent “bombshell” self-destructed like all the others, impeachment will lay bare, shine a light, blow the lid off their phony evidence. When Democrats take it apart, piece by piece, Trumpophiles will witness the truth. Unless they decide, “We’re done here” and turn it off.

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